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Creatives post Covid – the silver lining

COVID-19 has brought some sectors to a complete standstill and sadly led to both permanent and temporary job losses across many industries including the creative fields. However, it seems that the creative industries may stand to benefit from this period of self-isolation and the significantly slower pace of life it’s bringing with it. We take a look at the brilliant ways isolation has affected creatives and what this may mean for the industry post pandemic.

Self-isolation is providing creatives with an unprecedented amount of free time in which they can work on their ideas and creative projects in a way that their regular schedule may not have allowed. Even for those working from home, without time being taken up with commuting and socialising, we’re finding ourselves with more time to draw, write and create. There’s no doubt that during this time in isolation, people in the creative industries will come up with some remarkable new ideas that will revolutionise their fields.

The nature of the pandemic is also providing new inspiration as we find ourselves living life in a way we’ve never known before. Across the creative industries we’re seeing people respond to prevalent feelings created by COVID-19, feelings of anxiety, fear and boredom are being used to write articles about mental and physical health and how to be productive during quarantine. Artists are creating pieces that express feelings of isolation and loneliness and songwriters are writing new lyrics inspired by the situation society finds itself in. Lockdown, self-isolation and the way life has been transformed by the virus has created new perspectives and conversations in which creatives have quickly established their place.

Quarantine is also giving more people the chance to pursue creative pastimes as a hobby, perhaps for the first time or even revisiting something they used to enjoy doing but had struggled to find time for.

Creatives in quarantine are also sharing their works and inspiring others on social media, with new accounts being made specifically for people to show what they’ve created during self-isolation. On Instagram for example, Lockdown Collective shares submissions from a variety of creative mediums including art, dance, music, poetry and more. It’s a great place for people to find inspiration and share ideas with others whether they work in the creative industries or are just exploring the arts for fun.

We’ve also seen a boost in people taking up drawing, photography, music and even writing poetry to pass their time in isolation. Undoubtedly during this time some people will discover a new passion or flair for creative pursuits and come out of quarantine ready to bring new talent into the existing creative industries or maybe even start something new.

COVID-19 has already led to the creation of new online communities of creatives and hopefully these will outlive the pandemic and continue to provide a space in which artistic people can continue to inspire one another.

So while Coronavirus has been a wreaking havoc for many industries, it seems the creative industries may have something of an epiphany as a result, as creatives emerge from lockdown inspired and full of new, ground-breaking ideas. Isolation flairs inspiration and there’s never been a better time to love the creative soul inside you.

Words by Louisa Merrick-White



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