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Quarantine dating – Video dates and Cybersex? It’s a love lockdown

Even Kanye West couldn’t have predicted that 2020 would be a literal ‘love lockdown’. With the nation implementing strict social distancing measures, the world of dating has come to a halt. Or has it? It seems singletons worldwide are simply thinking of other ways to connect and getting creative making the most of a less than ideal situation.

Online dating has been primary to the way people often meet, even before Covid-19 and quarantine measures. But with the current situation and need for social distancing you’d think the world of online dating would have slowed down. The reality is dating apps like Tinder, Hinge and Badoo are still going strong and singletons are still swiping, liking and matching. Now given that meeting and touching aren’t an option, how are users taking to this and how has this affected their dating lives?

Journalist, Olivia Le Poidevin reported that 180 million people worldwide use dating apps and some people have chosen to completely stop using them during this time. However, with many people still in the search of love, singletons have turned to video dating as a way to try and form a connection and get to know others.

Apps such as Facetime, Houseparty and WhatsApp are all platforms that people are using to communicate with their loved ones and it seems this is what the dating world is utilising in order to have first dates and get to know people they meet online. Le Poidevin also revealed that users who had been on a video date found that it was an escape from all things Cornavirus related and encouraged people to think outside of the box when they video called each other to chat.

People are coming up with all sorts of great date suggestions like a cooking video date, where you would be to both suggest a meal and cook it together, then sit down to have a virtual dinner. The cooking process would be a mutual and shared experience that could initially guide the conversation, give you something to talk about and find out if your date is a whiz in the kitchen…

Drink dates are also proving popular, with many users grabbing a drink, turning on their video cams and getting to know each-other.

As you get to know someone more and more, the video chat might turn into something a little more heated. Cybersex is an option that many people are considering during this time. Cybersex is a consensual interaction between people using various digital platforms. This can vary from sexting, erotic images and even live video chat.

As long as you feel comfortable with the person, don’t feel rushed and truly make sure you are in full consent when participating in cybersex, you can be as imaginative as you want!

Words by Perisha Kudhail



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