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10 sustainable fashion brands that won’t break the bank

‘Sustainable’ and ‘ethical’ are buzzwords thrown around a lot by many companies today in a bid to impress us lot (the consumers), but it’s hard to know who we can actually trust? We’ve made it much easier for you to shop more eco- friendly with our list of affordable fashion brands- you’re welcome!

Bird Song London

Bird Song work with skilled women makers in the UK that face barriers to employment and pay them a fair wage, after realising that around 60 million women aged 18-35 around the world are paid less than the minimum wage. Their website features a page on each of their workers as well as their detailed 2019 Impact Report to ensure full transparency to all of their customers.

Unisex Exercise Empathy T-Shirt £38

Know The Origin

Know The Origin are a Fairtrade and Organic brand and are committed to a 100% transparent production process which you can read in lots of detail on their website. Their site also features a blog which has loads of useful articles on staying ethical e.g. ‘How to travel sustainably’ and ‘Sustainable festival tips’. They have women’s and men’s clothing as well as planet friendly beauty products.

On The Go Conscious Living Set £50

Goose Studios

Goose Studios produce predominantly unisex basic or printed t-shirts using 100% organic cotton fabrics. They also ensure plastic free packaging and are going the extra mile by being members of the Fairwear foundation to ensure the development of worker rights.

Oval Beach Print Tee £28

Lucy & Yak

Lucy & Yak’s ethos is to demonstrate that everyone in the supply chain from production to customer can have a great experience whilst receiving their fair share of quality and pay. They state on their website that their workers in India are paid four times the minimum wage of the state. Their range includes women’s and menswear and features the cutest dungaree sets (see below).

Twill Cotton Dungarees £38


All of Antiform’s collections are designed and produced in the UK using recycled materials. The brand mix fashion forward shapes with classic designs for both women and men and feature tweed jumpers, knitted hats and coin purses.

Antiform x BWM Purse £25

Beaumont Organic

Beaumont release two collections every year in which they believe have all the basic pieces every woman should need to go from day time to evening wear. They use luxury organic fabrics which are produced ethically with minimal waste. Their contemporary classic designs feature dresses and jumpers as well as underwear.

Organic Cotton Dress £66


Bibico ensure that their workers are paid a fair salary for what they do and they are always working in a healthy and safe environment. Their simple pieces are all made from quality natural and organic fabrics and includes dresses, skirts, tops and even jewellery.

Matilda Linen Pinafore Dress £59

Here Today Here Tomorrow

Here Today design hand knitted womenswear knitwear pieces from jumpers to bags made from 100% wool. They source all of their wool from farms in New Zealand which ban the cruel procedure of Mulesing, to ensure a humane method is always used.

Previous collection piece


Komodo have been perfecting their eco- friendly collections for nearly 30 years and they use the highest quality natural fibres for their clothes. They support numerous environmental projects both in the UK and the countries where they manufacture, and their range includes both women’s and menswear.

Olympe Dress £60


Vildnis are committed to the best treatment for their workers. They regularly audit the factories they work with and the founder, Ulla Vitting Richards, is well known for her expertise in sustainable materials and workers’ rights. The brand’s collection includes jumpsuits, jackets and even swimwear.

Namib Romper £95

Written by Phoebe Brannick



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