Lifestyle: Comparison Kills – Why Millenials Are Amongst The Most Depressed Generations in History

We hear it time and time again, social media isn’t real, don’t compare yourself to others and everyone’s journey is different. Yet, depression is at an all-time high in 2018 and it seems to stem from the fact that everyone is comparing themselves to their peer’s profiles. Our obsession with posting everything we do on socials means our lives need to appear just as good as the last post we saw, or better. It’s great news for businesses as spas, restaurants, bars, nail salons and nightclubs gain free advertising from all the tags and hashtags but not so great for the pockets of those trying to keep up with what the world of social media is portraying and trying to outdo it.

We’ve read about the likes of young women like 26-year-old Lisette Calver who got herself into thousands of pounds worth of debt and ended up broke trying to live the ‘Instagram star’ life. Sadly, debt isn’t the most dangerous issue young people are facing, it’s mental health. Time and time again we hear about people who have ended up feeling like they’re not good enough, like everyone else has their perfect life together, and like their own lives are falling apart. Pressure to be doing as much as everyone else means we forget to live our own lives at our own pace.

The pursuit of perfection leads to insecurities about our bodies, careers,  achievements and lifestyle. And constantly comparing yourself means you’ll always find a reason to want to be like somebody else, yes inspiration is great but imitation not so much – especially when it comes to your career or creativity.

It’s also worth remembering that everyone is fighting their own battle and that friend you think has it all, is probably thinking the same thing about someone else, and someone, somewhere, is probably thinking the same thing about you.


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