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Lifestyle: 10 Tips for Starting a Blog

Deciding to start blogging is a big and exciting decision. Blogging has a fantastic impact on readers and on bloggers themselves, as it’s a great way to share information, ideas and passions. Knowing where to begin can be daunting – so we’ve pulled together a list to help get you on your way!

1. Be Genuine
Write about what you actually enjoy. This isn’t school, you don’t have to write about the reasons behind a battle in a foreign land hundreds of years ago (unless that is what you genuinely enjoy, then go for it!) Honestly, this is your blog, write what you are passionate about.

2. Be realistic
Don’t expect massive fame and fortune from your blog. Not that you shouldn’t strive towards that, but don’t be disheartened that it might take years. Blog because you enjoy blogging, period.

3. Commit
Make a plan and stick to it. Select one or a few topics that you will cover in your blog and keep it to that. Think about quality over quantity. You also need to determine how frequently you want to post, a few times a week or a few times a month. Choose what you think you can manage to fit into your schedule and make sure you stick to it. Your readers will appreciate your consistency.

4. Identify
Think about your readers. Think about who they are, and write in a way that connects with them. If you were writing a blog for children about movies, you wouldn’t review Quentin Tarantino films… we hope.

5. Get inspired
Immerse yourself in all aspects of your topic. Magazines, documentaries, music and other blogs will all give you ideas for content and help you learn about writing styles. But remember to be original, be yourself.

6. Connect
Remember to connect your other social media accounts to your blog or create new accounts solely for your blog. Mo’ Exposure, Mo’ Followers!

7. Smile
Put a photo of yourself on your blog. People relate when they see faces and when your readers connect with you then they will keep following and tell their friends.

8. Mingle
Reach out and meet people. Go to art openings, pub quizzes, workshops, film festivals, dog walking. Whatever you think might help present opportunities to meet people and spread the word about your blog.

9. Proofread
It’s a must. Nothing will ruin your credibility faster than poor grammar, a spelling mistake, or a misplaced comma. There are loads of apps and plugins you can use to help you out or recruit some good friends to give you feedback. Even walking away for 24 hours and re-reading later can help you pick up on things.

10. Enjoy!
It is the simplest and most cliché of the reasons but easily the most important! Take your blog seriously, sure, but it should always feel like fun and never a chore. If you aren’t enjoying yourself then it just isn’t worth it and your readers will pick up on that.

You’re all set, now go start that blog!

Words by Michelle Heath
Instagram: @Honey_Sandwiches

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