If, like me, you find yourself every Halloween hardcore eye rolling at the girls who dress up as cats, mice, bunnies, and basically anything with sexy as the prefix, you might be looking for something a little different to dress up as this year. We may be the uncool, Cady Heron’s of the world but hey, Halloween is supposed to be scary, and swapping lacy black leotards for sfomething a little bit more spooky is WAY more fun (and less cold, it is October). And if the whole zombie/ghost/witch/skeleton thing just doesn’t do it for you, there’s no better way to celebrate Halloween than going for a classic cultural reference. Every year we see them crop up, last year it was Harley Quinn and Eleven from Stranger Things, and the year before that it was Princess Leia, Chewbacca and all things Star Wars. So what costumes really personify 2017?



As the star of this years biggest Halloween movie, Pennywise is an obvious choice as long as you don’t mind getting stuck in with the hair and makeup in order to give passers-by a fright. Grab some orange spray-on hair dye and a red balloon and there’s no way anyone won’t get your costume. And we have to give credit for his makeup look, even Pennywise rocks a red lip.


The Kardashians

One of this years biggest pop culture news stories; Kylie Jenner is pregnant? …Or Khloe? …Or Kourtney? There’s either something in the water over in Calabassas or an elaborate publicity stunt for their ten year anniversary show has worked a charm. Either way, the idea of these sisters being pregnant at the same time is pretty terrifying, and could make a great group costume. Think heels and flawless makeup topped off with giant pregnant bellies.


Now, Halloween falling on the same day as this year’s Great British Bake Off final may be purely coincidental, but what better way to celebrate both simultaneously than to pop in some striking blue contacts and dress up as your favourite baking judge – Paul Hollywood. Not the most inspired costume but since Liam’s elimination, the judges are pretty much monsters to us anyway.


Gemma Collins

In history, 2017 will be remembered as the year of Gemma Collins. She has transitioned from reality TV diva to meme queen and has become somewhat of a national treasure along the way. Although we aren’t really sure whether we’re laughing with her or at her, with every slip up (or fall through a stage), we seem to love her more and more. Her look is a pretty simple one – think a lacy bodycon dress topped with tons of fake tan and blonde hair, and if you really want to embody Gemma don’t you dare be afraid to pick a fight with pretty much anyone in the club.


White Walker

What better way to ease the pain of having to wait another 17 months for the next season of Game of Thrones than to dress up as the creepy villains from beyond the wall – the white walkers. Not only are they topical AND creepy, recreating a makeup look like this would be super fun. When else are you gonna try blue contour?

What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Tweet us and let us know at @DebutMaguk!

Words by Hannah Grafton

Socials: @hannahgrafton

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