If you haven’t already heard, Netflix has created an Original Series released in 2016 called Stranger Things. Created and Directed by the Duffer Brothers, the show has become an instant classic with awards and fame for the cast and crew. The show is set the 1980’s (best movie era – ever!) following a Hawkins Town’s experience with some Extraterrestrial, er’….problems. There are powers, adventures, sadness, humour, friendship, family and instant nostalgia.


The TV Show has been invited in by many generations, those who love Science fiction, coming of age stories and the many elements of classic 80’s cinema.

The creators have given the show pure 80’s goodness from the Big Trouble, Little China- esque music, the friendship of The Goonies, powers of Professor X and fashion that matches the wallpaper.

Topshop has created a Stranger Things popup shop and collection that will be flying off the shelves with fans; it’ll feature slogan Tee’s, graphic shirts, flare pants and more to immortalise the show’s popularity. The strong female lead, played by Milly Bobby Brown has become a spirit animal for thousands of young girls, the “Eleven” costume will surely be a favourite this Halloween ft Eggos.


Season 2 is upon us and the trailer is already giving us chills. Catch it below!

Season 2 trailer

Words by Dilpreet Taak
Instagram: @Dilpreettaak

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