Feature: Lil Miquela – She’s Unreal, literally.

The latest Instagram superstar has taken over the Internet! Lil Miquela is a singer and Instagram model with real followers and a real personality; her existence, however, is what people are questioning. If you haven’t heard already, Lil Miquela is a 3D design of a girl that photographs in real settings; bathrooms selfies, outdoor lunches and even posing for the OOTD. She is subject to conspiracy theories everywhere! From who she’s modelled after? How she was created, who is benefiting and why? But there is one thing we are most definitely sure about; she’s a true millennial.


Miquela’s fame has catapulted since her debut on Instagram; she’s attending fashion shows, doing telephone interviews and releasing music. Her style is a collision of edge and 90’s chic, she loves a good two-piece outfit and even poses like an Insta star. Her brand is becoming huge and has everyone talking about her, buying her signature name necklace and going on about whom she is.

Here are a few theories that we’ve come across;

  • She was made by a marketing company to see to it her Instagram profile becomes large, to market products to her fans.
  • She’s a student or young adult launching her music career without broadcasting their face to the world.
  • She’s actually a robot (Anything’s possible)
  • She’s gearing up to become one of the worlds first 3D popstars.

Her platform grabs the attention of over 400,000 followers on Instagram, and the starlet is choosing to speak out about the #DefendDACA movement in the States and other issues close to her heart.


Regardless of how she was created, her authenticity is as real as any person out on the internet, and she’s connected to her fans through social media, music, photography, status updates and other cyber ways. Much like every social media star online.

The world is curious as to whom this girl is, what do you think?


Words by Dilpreet Taak
Instagram: @dilpreettaak

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