Feature: ITS ALL A BUNCH OF HOCUS POCUS – Get your animal ears out, ladies.

It’s here! The holiday every horror lover, trick or treater and their grandmothers can into the spirit of, I freakin love Halloween. First, Let’s dive into the legend of this holiday. Halloween (also known as All Hallows Eve) is a time of year where people from all over the world remember the dead, the way people choose to celebrate is traditionally by trick or treating, playing pranks, wearing costumes, visiting haunted attractions and spooking friends. However, in parts of the world, there are those who attend Christian services and light candles in cemeteries and graveyards. In Poland, these celebrations also include praying out loud when walking through the streets to comfort the dead among us.


Halloween 2017 is upon us and we are so ready to thriller it up, so here is Debut’s prophecy for what we can expect (looks into the crystal ball).

Oh, the nostalgia of trick or treating around the neighbourhood with friends and family, hoping that the neighbours forked out for the good stuff the year and if they’re out then (Cue Evil laugh). Hitting the age of trick or treating becoming ‘uncool’ is a difficult time, you’re wondering okay I can’t score free sweets so what can I do on this auspicious occasion? Well…


The classics are absolutely a must, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th,
SAW, Poltergeist or if you’re really in the mood. The Ring. A classic movie marathon with friends is one of many ways to spook yourself and the team this Halloween. Sit back; hold on to that popcorn and immerse yourself in the glitz and gore of Hollywood.


A good party can be thrown or attended. Spend Halloween amongst the living dead, a club. A great night out just on the one night of the year where there is no dress code! Dress up as your favourite idol, movie star, and fictional character or pull a Mean Girls (I’m a mouse, duh!) This year we’ll be sure to see our fair share of Pennywise the dancing clown, a couple members of the Suicide Squad, a Power Ranger, oh and of course Trump,

Cities all over the world are prepping for Halloween; New York throws an epic festival in Greenwich, On November 2nd Mexico doesn’t play around with the Day of the Dead festival, Ireland hosts ‘Samhain night’ and London throws a Ghost Walk to remember.

But however you choose to spend this Halloween keep an eye out, for you never know what you’ll see. This is the one night of the year the dead get to walk among the living after all.    BOO!


Words: Dilpreet Taak

Instagram: @Dilpreettaak

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