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Features: So You’ve Graduated, What Next?

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The sweet smell of freedom approaches for many graduates as summer draws nearer, saying goodbye to deadlines, dissertations, late night library sessions and that student life. A whole new world approaches as you reach the finish line of getting handed your well-deserved degree – but what now? What next?

For many the end of university life is a saddening thought. The past three years have radically changed your life – moving to a new city, meeting your now-bffl, growing and maturing as a person. But unlike many graduate guides, we are not taking a negative view. Instead this is the optimistic graduate’s guide to graduating: what to look forward to and how to embrace life’s changes.


First things first – relax and celebrate your accomplishment. Making it this far is a personal and professional goal accomplished, and a sigh of relief is in order. It’s important to reward yourself when conquering the sometimes unconquerable; it makes the cool down from university and the transition into the real world a little easier.

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Now that you’ve given your self a break and a hard earned tap on the back, it’s time to get out there and throw your self in the deep end. An exciting period is upon graduates when joining the working world – albeit it’s incredibly daunting – but the positives vibes must flow for the motivation to keep going.

Looking for the exact job you desire or even finding a remotely relevant job description to your dream role will be a tough cookie to crack, you need experience so go out there and get some. Network to the best of your ability and when you’ve exhausted all your “connections”, sign up for more. Having a solid foundation of communication skills will come with real world experience.

Get your ducks in a row. Whether a fashion grad, designer, writer or technician, you need to present your CV/portfolio/work experience to future employers in a way that will make them want to hire you for your presentation skills alone.

Don’t be disheartened. The first couple years after university is all about experimenting, getting your self out there and even making a few wrong turns, you’ll be a better working professional for it. If you don’t get the first role you apply for, it’s normal – and this is true of even the second role, third, fourth…. (you get the idea). But, you will get there, it takes perseverance to score a job fresh out of university and doing your research will do wonders. Create a work space that will make you want to do the work; try freelance work, apply for a number of different jobs, beef up your portfolio. Try anything that will give you a leg up on your exciting start to your new adventure.

Good luck on this exciting jump!

Words: Dilpreet Taak

Instagram: @Dilpreettaak


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