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Entertainment: 10 Times Missy Elliott Proved She’s The Queen of Music Videos

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Missy Elliott is one of the most creative music artists of our generation. She produces, she writes, she raps, she sings and has become known for her signature futuristic sound, but even more so for her visionary music videos that have really stood the test of time. So, we’ve got a run down of Missy’s next level music videos that showcase the impact she has made on not just music, but pop culture too..

1. Missy Elliott – Work It


Work It is one of Missy’s signature singles. It’s such a classic that Katy Perry asked her to perform it with her at her Super Bowl Half Time Show in 2015 and since has introduced the song who a whole new following that didn’t know it in the first place. Nicki Minaj’s single with Cassie titled ‘The Boys’ took inspiration from the video with their very own hair salon scene in it which feels like a colourful modern-day version of Work It.

2. Missy Elliott ft. Pharrell – WTF (Where They From)

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The world was thrilled when Missy announced via her social media pages that she was releasing new music. So when she returned with the explosive WTF (Where They From) in 2015, the video was easily one of the best music pieces of that year, showing what a pair Missy and Pharrell make when two creative geniuses come together!

3. Missy Elliott – She’s A B***h

The She’s A B***h video is one of Missy’s most famous and innovative, really setting her apart from the over sexualised hip hop videos that were being released around the same time. And you only have to look at the impact it has had on musicians today, with artists such as Banks, whose Fuck Wit Myself video even had a bald-headed version of herself – very similar to Elliott’s.

4. Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On

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Before Sia sang about swinging from chandeliers, Missy beat her to it years prior. The Get Ur Freak On video shows Missy’s wild side to the max as we see her neck stretch longer than a giraffe and she’s also able to spit from miles away into someone’s mouth.

5. Missy Elliott – The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)

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The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) is Missy’s signature video. It was the first solo video that showcased Missy’s individual talent and was the introduction of her to a lot of her fans. The black bin bag look has been recycled many times and has influenced many modern-day artists to rock the all black shiny PVC look. From Banks to Nelly Furtado, they have been influenced from that look and used it in their performances.

6. Missy Elliott & Da Brat – Sock It 2 Me

If there is any video that Missy has created that is more futuristic than any of her others, it’s Sock It 2 Me. It’s almost scary how similar the M on her chest is to the Gmail logo that was created years after. The red hair which since has been a famous look on Rihanna was ahead of its time as red hair is now a normal trend in fashion.

7. Missy Elliott ft. Ludacris – Gossip Folks

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If only all schools days were like the Gossip Folks video! The Adidas track suit look from Missy became a signature thing after a few videos and the world couldn’t get enough of it. With the 90’s and early noughties fashion trends coming back into style, you can definitely see that the younger generation have taken a leaf out of Missy Elliott’s book. Adidas Superstars? Yep. Missy rocked them first!

8. Missy Elliott – Lose Control

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The Lose Control video just showcases how incredible some of the choreography is in Missy’s videos. Not just herself but some of the young talent she includes in it is amazing. It is no wonder that the young children who were apart of her tribute at the Billboard Music Awards in 2016 thanked her for inspiring them to dance when Elliott was given the Billboard Women In Music award for her legacy in the industry,

9. Missy Elliott – Beep Me 911

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Forever ahead of her time, Beep Me 911 was unlike anything any of us had seen before. Everything from the eclectic colour schemes, to the futuristic wardrobe and appearances from fellow female artists 702 and Lil Kim, what more could you want from a women empowering piece of art!

10. Missy Elliott ft. Lamb – I’m Better

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Missy wasn’t playing when she dropped I’m Better in January this year. The music video reminds us why we all love Missy in the first place. The video which was co-choreographed and co-directed by Elliott which just shows how much of a genius she is. In the video we see Missy dancing in a scenery that gives us the illusion that she’s underwater. The dancing on exercise balls makes you wanna work out like that at the gym.
Words: Fabio Magnocavallo

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