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Features: Throwback Summer Pastimes You Need To Do Now

4d58f8927c4adb2b88f3ce3c2a57bcc2High workloads, tight deadlines and money worries are causing young adults of today to be the most over-anxious and significantly stressed-out generation. It’s not always easy to find a Zen mind-set whilst fears of the future, achieving life goals and thoughts of repaying the dreaded student-loan manifest in the back of your mind.

However, spending the weekend curled up in a duvet scrolling through social media and binge-watching Netflix isn’t the best way of unwinding from life’s hassles. In fact, doing this can send your mind into cognitive overload which causes more clutter than calm.

It’s time to let your inner child come out to play whilst rediscovering the joy of your favourite summer holiday pastimes…

Theme parks

If you’re feeling worried about life whizzing by too fast, then take yourself back to that first ever rollercoaster ride and re-live the utter exhilaration of the drop. You’ll be forced to escape current stress and have pure thrills!


Possibly the most underrated sport. Bowling provides a perfect balance of socialising, physical activity and a guilt free excuse to eat fast food (if it’s the only thing on the menu, then you have no choice, right?). Plus nothing brings out the kid in you more than fastening Velcro shoes!

Art galleries

So much beauty is available for free and we take it completely for granted! Numbers of UK visitors in art galleries are falling. Don’t let the last time you visited an art gallery be on a primary school trip.

The beach

Remember that feeling of school being out for summer? Whether you go there to splash in the sea, sunbathe on the sand (…pebbles) or party with your pals, hit the beach this summer and soak up those school holiday vibes.


Does the word ‘theatre’ make you think ‘highbrow’ or ‘only for Glee club kids’? Think again. It could be a play showing at your local community theatre or a musical on the West End stage; there are so many unbeatable live experiences available on your doorstep!


Running, rollerblading, cycling or picnicking in the park; Lesley Knope assures you that the list of opportunities to have fun is endless. Plus, you’re guaranteed to feel relaxed, calm and at one with nature after inhaling a few breaths of fresh air.


The best things in life are free! Learning, playing and growing shouldn’t stop after completing mandatory education. Take advantage of the free admission and learn something new today (other than what your best friend had for breakfast #nofilter)

Anything we’ve missed off the list? Tweet @DebutMagUK with your favourite childhood pastimes! Get inspired to drop your current adult anxieties and instead spend the summer of 2017 reliving those carefree experiences.

Words: Natalie Ann Boyd

Twitter: @natalieannboyd

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