Fashion: Escapism or Pure Materialism?

Something that really gets on my last nerves is the common misconception that fashion is a materialistic industry in which people worship designers like they’re gods and follow trends like sheep follow a herd. Yes, fashion is about clothes. Yes, fashion does idolise designers. And yes, fashion’is about ‘trends’ so to speak, but what people hate to see is that it is so much more than just that!

Fashion is about the way clothes are made, the way clothes make you feel and the way in which you can express yourself through clothes. Yes, fashion does constantly idolise designers, but why not? You can idolise an author for creating wonderful books, why can’t I idolise and look up to a designer who creates wonderful and luxurious clothes? And why is it so bad to follow a trend? Why does following a trend make you so ‘basic’? Surely it’s about wearing what you want, and if you happen to like the said trend, why not wear it!?

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When I say I want to go into journalism, and people ask, “oh wow, which area?” I’ll reply “fashion journalism” – because that is what I’m passionate about. The majority of the responses are positive full of “wow’s” and “that’ll be fun,” but you get the few who turn their nose up and say, “oh, I want to go into political journalism!” and that really bugs me! I don’t think there is anything wrong with going into political journalism, economical journalism or travel journalism so why do some people have a problem with fashion journalism?

Why is it so wrong about wanting to write about fashion and just enjoy the beautiful clothes that are available?

Back when the very tense and very unnerving presidential elections were going on, there was a particular interview which really irked me. It was the ‘debate’ of such in which a fashion writer was told to basically get back in her lane as if her love for fashion takes any sense for any other topic away. Where is the logic in that?

Following along this topic, I would love to understand why fashion as an industry, as a topic, and as a passion is put down as being so transparent and one dimensional when in actual fact, it is an amazing place of escapism for someone who just wants to take a break from any problem they may be facing or any hardships in their life. In fact, fashion is one of the best forms of escapism for someone with a ‘passion for fashion’ so why knock it?

If I’m ever stressed, anxious or just need a break, flicking through a fashion magazine is one of my favourite things to do. You can forget about worrying, and just absorb yourself into a world of bags, shoes, good writing and fabulous clothes.

So let’s just round up, the fashion industry is not a materialistic nor depthless industry. In actual fact, it inspires people, it helps people to express themselves and it creates a little bubble of escapism for anyone who needs to get away from their problems and enjoy the comfort of clothes and amazing creativity.


Words: Maija Lily

Twitter: @GreenteavogueMe

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