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Fashion: Gigi’s Photography Career: Creative Power or Celeb Status?

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We all know that getting ahead in your career can sometimes be more who you know than what you know, but we don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing. Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes and if you’re privileged enough to have it handed to you, then why not? We’ve previously seen the likes of Kendall Jenner and more recently Gigi Hadid take a shot at photography (excuse the pun) and although, yes, it may be unfair to all the photographers who are working day and night to have their work noticed by huge publications, it’s also great to see women interested in getting creative and transitioning from in front of the lens to behind it.

Kendall’s Cover story for Love magazine earlier this year was an exciting project for all creatives to see. Sure Kendall had probably never even given photography a mere thought but the fact she took on the challenge and created a cool cover story highlights a woman that can get thrown into the deep end and gets on with it. Similarly, Gigi Hadid made her debut as a Photographer when she took on the small task of shooting the Spring 2017 Versus Versace campaign.Gigi

Unfortunately for the majority of budding photographers, having Donatella Versace as a friend isn’t an option, however, the designer felt Gigi had an eye for photography after seeing photos she had taken of boyfriend Zayn Malik, and the rest is history.

Gigi now continues her “humble” steps as a photographer, proving her career can go from strength to strength as she has now shot a supplement for V magazine titled Gigi’s Journal shooting the likes of Nikki Minaj and Karl Lagerfeld. Jealous much?

Gigi does however, insist that she’s always had an interest in photography and it’s always been something she’s been surrounded by.

“I was a competitive horseback rider, and starting at 14 or 15, in between my competitions, I would take pictures of my friends’ horses and sell them for $10. I would print them myself. I loved it. I used to have It’s now just a locked webstarter.”

Unfair on some? Definitely but hate it or love it, we look forward to seeing more cool celeb collaborations and models switch the roles from in front of the camera to behind it, embracing creativity.



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