Entertainment: Coachella 2017 Roundup

Everyone knows about Coachella, it’s the place to be. Are you really anyone if you don’t go to Coachella? Ask yourself that.

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So Coachella, what is it (for the people who might be living under a rock)? It’s the music festival of hippie dreams in Palm Springs set over 2 weekends. I say music festival lightly, because although there really are some amazing acts (and I really do mean amazing) nowadays Coachella is known to be more of one big, very stylish fashion show. Hundreds of brands will use the event as a promotion of sorts and pay for lots of ‘style influencers’ (celebrities and fashion bloggers) to attend the event, which is why amongst the pool parties, VIP lounges and pretty venues ,the fashion is just so important.

Here we have rounded up the best fashion of Coachella 2017, prepare to want to book tickets to next year’s festival!

Selena Gomez

Ms Gomez just always get’s it right. Whether she’s wearing a badass jeans and red lip or a pretty floral frock she just seemed to really understand of the ethos of festival fashion. My favourite look of hers was definitely the gorgeous soft blue HVN floral dress that definitely showed she was embracing the ‘chella charm.

Image result for selena gomez coachella 2017

Vanessa Hudgens

 Vanessa Hudgens is some what known as the ‘Coachella queen’, and she earned her crown rightfully so as she never fails to bring her effortless grace to Palm Springs with flowy dresses, flower crowns and enough sparkly body diamante’s to last a lifetime. This year for Coachella my favourite look of hers was without a doubt the stunning Camilla With Love ‘Flower Hour Full’ hem dress that just looked so, well, festival chic.

Image result for vanessa hudgens coachella 2017 Camilla With Love ‘Flower Hour Full’ hem dress

Alessandra Ambrosio

 The Victoria Secret Angel proved she doesn’t only own the runway, she also can completely take over Coachella with her long legs and festival fashion. She proved there most definitely is no Coachella without Alessandra Ambrosio (and no Alessandra Ambrosio without Coachella) with her classic double denim look which she accessorised with cowboy boots as well as peace sign all around.

Image result for alessandra ambrosio coachella 2017

Joan Smalls

Where there is one Angel, there is bound to be another. Joan Smalls is another lady who knows how to achieve the festival glam,so it’s no surprise that she was one of my favourite Coachella looks of 2017. For the ‘Bumble’ party she kept it simple yet chic with a pair of classic denim shorts, a lacy crop top and pink hair! Yes, pink hair, celebrities love to take festivals such as Coachella to experiment with some quirky coloured hair – but I definitely think the pink hair should stay because seriously, who has ever rocked pink hair better?

Image result for joan smalls coachella 2017

Which was your favourite look from Coachella 2017? Comment below or Tweet us at @DebutMagUK.


Words: Maija Lily

Twitter: @GreenteavogueMe

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