Features: 5 Things To Do With Leftover Easter Chocolate

The excessive amount of chocolate you receive during the Easter period is not something you necessarily want to be receiving right before summer (aka bikini season), yet Easter eggs will find their way into your kitchen regardless! I find that I never ever eat any of my eggs and they end up going off-date and having to be thrown in the bin (such a waste of quality chocolate).

So I find the best way to not waste all your Easter chocolate it to recycle (is that the correct term?) the chocolate to create food you’ll actually eat up.

Chocolate Birds’ Nests

Everyone knows what a chocolate nest is right? If you don’t then surely you’ve been living under a rock… seriously! Chocolate nests are the most basic of basic, fool-proof recipes you could possibly do. No heat, no complication, just pure deliciousness! All you need is Weetabix which you crumble up and cover in your melted Easter eggs before putting the chocolate mixture into cake cases and leave them to freeze in your fridge… you can even add in mini eggs for a special touch.

Leftover Easter Cookies

They’re pretty much exactly what they sound like. All you do is get your favourite cookie mixture, yet instead of adding in chocolate chips, you can crumble up all of your leftover Easter chocolate and add it in for a yummy cookie (with a twist).

Easter Bark

Yet another fool-proof and heatless recipe that takes less than 10 minutes to prepare. All you need to do is firstly melt all of your leftover Easter eggs and then tip the liquid chocolate onto a clean grease proof paper sheet on a baking tray. You can then add on top all sorts of treats – mini eggs, marshmallows, sprinkles – and then put the tray in your fridge and freeze overnight for a tasty treat.

Easter Rocky Road

This isn’t any regular rocky road recipe, this is a cool rocky road recipe. Mean Girls reference aside, this really is the perfect way to use up any leftover or uneaten chocolate eggs. Just get an average rocky road recipe yet replace the chocolate with your melted Easter eggs and add in mini eggs to get them looking a little festive and you’re set to go.

Give it away!

On a strict no chocolate/ trying to eat healthy/ no longer want to eat my body-weight in chocolate diet? If you don’t fancy any chocolate eggs, and you don’t fancy making any of the yummy recipes from above, then you could always give your uneaten chocolate away. Places like food banks or homeless shelters would (I’m sure) appreciate the unopened chocolates and it is a great way to do something good for someone else!

On that note, Happy Easter, I hope everyone has a lovely day full of family, Easter egg hunts and of course way too much chocolate. It wouldn’t be Easter if you weren’t left in a chocolate induced coma afterwards!

Words by Maija Lily

Twitter: @GreenteavogueMe

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