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Entertainment: Top 5 TV Series You Need In Your Life Right Now

I spend the majority of my free time going through TV series at mammoth pace… is that sad? Maybe. Do I care? Nope.

I mean, I’m not exactly a ‘TV’ person, but a series person? That I am! Sometimes I find I would much rather get into a really good series where I can watch 7 40 minute episodes rather than an 2 hour movie (sometimes you just want to watch something for 7 hours straight rather than just a typical 2 hour movie – I have definitely been known the spend an entire day from dawn till dusk just watching a TV series). I just think you can get to know the characters so much more in a series which spans over 6 seasons rather than in a film when you get to know the minimum.

So if you are needing a Netflix marathon or box-set binge here are my top 5 recommended TV series.

Prison Break

I was very late to get on the bandwagon and watch Prison Break, although I’m glad I watched it when I did as a new season is coming out this year *jumps for joy* and I won’t give away any spoilers as I know nothing is worse, but… Michael Scofield! Prison Break is probably one of my favourite series (and I do realise that is a big statement) but it’s just so incredibly good and addicting! It stretches over 4 seasons and it basically follows the story of Michael who is trying the break his innocent brother out of jail along with a few other inmates. It’s such a good series in which you really do emotionally invest yourself into the character; for example, one character who I absolutely hated in season 2 became one of my favourite characters towards the end! Oh, and Sucre, good old Sucre. Sucre is enough to make you want to watch the entire series more than once.


This was a series my mum told me to watch for ages before I finally gave in and watched, and as soon as I did finish the first episode I knew I was hooked! This series is full of suspense and has such an interesting plot line that will have you on the edge of your seat throughout every episode. Just when you think you know the outcome something drastic will happen and you will be left with your mouth hanging wide and your eyes even wider. This series is set in New York and in the Hamptons; Montauk and East Hampton. It follows the story of Emily Thorne as she, well, gets her revenge (I can’t say much more without spoiling it, but all I can say is just watch it!).

Gossip Girl

I just couldn’t go without mentioning Gossip Girl as one of my favourite series ever. I’ve watched the entire series from start to finish twice but I am always re-watching episodes on repeat. The best thing about this series is that once you’ve watched it and you know who ‘Gossip Girl’ is, it is still a watchable series as you realise you are no longer watching to find out who the mysterious Gossip Girl is but you’re watching because of the characters: for Blair and Serena’s incredible fashion, for Blair and Chuck (#Chair4life), and once again for the amazing fashion! I always find myself sucked into the Upper East Side, New York drama that follows the characters and I love every minute of it.


This is definitely one of my top 5 favourite series. Suits is a lawyer-based series that makes me feel that I could maybe be a lawyer – I know all about ‘closing deals’ and ‘hiding evidence’ by now (yeah, real lawyer material right here). It is another series that has so much suspense and edge-of-your-seat moments. And Harvey Spector, oh Harvey! Let’s just say it straight… I love Harvey! The characters are all so likeable but at the same time there are a few characters that will have your emotions feeling like a yoyo. It follows the storyline of multiple characters, but mainly Mike Ross who is posing as a legitimate lawyer, but without a degree in Law. The constant worry that someone will find out will have you manically watching episode after episode.


A new series on the block that we can’t possibly miss out is definitely Riverdale. A take on the comic book series, Archie Comics, the series follows a small town as they try to work out the mysterious death of Jason Blossom… and anyone could be the culprit! If you haven’t heard of it (I’d be shocked) you cannot go any longer without starting it, so go log onto your Netflix account and watch, watch, watch!

Happy watching!

Words by Maija Lily

Twitter: @GreenteavogueMe

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