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Features: Is Emma Watson The New Sustainable Superhero

Actress, United Nations ambassador, feminist activist and actual real life superhero (we think) Emma Watson is well known for using her celebrity as a platform for protest and for inspiring change. With the world’s eyes on her during the promotion tour for Beauty and the Beast Watson took the opportunity to shed light on sustainable fashion and to prove that ethics and glamour can go hand-in-hand.

Whilst she may be best known for her work with the United Nations, fronting feminist campaigns such as #HeForShe, Emma Watson has also dedicated herself to promoting ethical fashion. In 2010 Watson collaborated with fair-trade and organic brand People Tree, using organic cotton and upcycling old materials to create a 24-piece collection of clothing and home goods; the pieces were also stitched, embroidered and woven by fair-trade groups. As part of the project Watson travelled to Bangladesh to meet the creators behind People Tree’s products and to learn about fair-trade processes.

In 2015 Watson, with the help of her then stylist Sarah Slutsky, began to take part in The Green Carpet Challenge, an initiative that invites celebrities to only select outfits that are created ethically. At the following Met Gala (in 2016) – arguably fashion’s biggest event – Watson made best dressed lists wearing a Calvin Klein dress-and-trousers combo made from recycled plastic bottles. Talking to CNN after the event Watson described the feeling of knowing what she is wearing has been ethically sourced and produced as “peace of mind.” Recently revealed in Watson’s March cover story for Vanity Fair was that, in preparation for the Met Ball, Watson herself put together a PowerPoint presentation for potential designers which included ‘a questionnaire about how their garments are produced, what their impact is on the environment, and the moral reason why she should wear one on the red carpet.’

Fast forward to 2017 and Watson has again made a stand for ethics in fashion. Whilst promoting her newest film, Beauty and the Beast, Watson (alongside her stylist) has worked hard to source ethical pieces; from shoes to accessories and everything in between, including ethical beauty and hair brands. Taking her fashion activism to Instagram, Watson has created a new account (@the_press_tour) dedicated to documenting the outfits and detailing the brands involved.

So far, Watson has featured both recognisable names, like Stella McCartney and Oscar de la Renta, and new comers such as Filippa K., Boody and WORON. In each Watson dispels any stereotypes sustainable or ‘hippyish’ fashion might have; her outfits are clean, modern, colourful and striking. Proving the world changing power fashion has, and shedding light on the responsibility of the fashion industry? True #OutfitGoals.

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Words by Esther Newman
Twitter @estherbnewman


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