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#DebutDollsAroundTheGlobe: What It Takes To Be A Blogger

This week, #DebutDoll Savannah, who hails from Tampa, Florida, talks about what it takes to be a blogger.

So, blogging, huh? What does that even consist of? What do you do? Just a few of the questions a girl chasing her dreams seems to get asked on the regular. My name is Savannah Jarrell and I am a 20 year old beauty and lifestyle blogger from sunny Tampa, FL. I started blogging at 15 on a small, no domain website that I had designed myself. That was way back when the social media industry was just starting to take off. Fast forward a few years, and here I am now. Still living in Floridian paradise, still writing, and still getting asked “what is a blogger?” You’d think by now everyone would understand that social media is and can be a career path for people to embark on. Yet even in 2016 the question still arises all the time.  

Sometimes it can seem hard for people who work typical office jobs and have a very planned out  path to understand what it is like to be a “creative” as I’d like to call it. My path is more or less that  of an artist, or a creative visionary. Its sometimes seems weird to me that other people probably don’t randomly wake up in the middle of the night inspired by something so much so, that you have to hop out of bed and write down your creative thoughts for next day’s execution. But as I’ve gotten older, I have  realized that while that may be the norm for someone like me, that is definitely not the case for others who may need to be up for their next shift soon. I feel like being a what we can again call a  “creative” is so hard for people to grasp and yet so easy at the same time.

They log into Instagram  after a long day and see our pictures we’ve spent hours setting up, taking, editing, and uploading. Suddenly they have forgotten their bad day at work and they become inspired by ours. They see a picture of a makeup look, or a DIY that they want to try out and instantly get excited to test these things out on their days off. That is what a blogger is….  a person who can keep the normally uninspired, inspired. A person who brings a little bit of their crazy creative mentalities to the general public via social media, and blogs to keep people excited and inspired.  

To show you what the best lip color for the holidays is, to show you what gifts you should give your gal pals this Christmas, or to help you make that insta-perfect recipe. We are the do-ers and the testers.  Yet people spend all their free time scrolling through Pinterest, and will still ask “What is a blogger?” We help fill up social media with all of the budding images and words to help get people up and trying new things. Things that they may have not tried, had they stayed inside that everyday bubble that we all live in. If it wasn’t for social media I wouldn’t have nearly as much inspiration from all over the world as I do and I am willing to bet neither would you. 

I wouldn’t have the ability to see what’s trending in other parts of the world and in other amazing cultures.  So, next time you’re talking to your friend who may be interested in starting a blog, before you ask “What is a blogger?” Remember that you already know. Your surrounded by their images every time you log on to social media. Remember that we, as bloggers love every single one of you who log in everyday and try all of the projects, DIY’s, recipes, and tutorials that we spend our every waking moment creating. Don’t forget to hop on Instagram today and get some inspiration! Try new things, and never stop looking for all the amazing new things that life has to offer us all each and every day!  

 Words: Savannah Jarrell



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