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Lifestyle: Confessions Of A Self-Professed Procrastinator

It’s no secret that although my work ethic is there, and it certainly leaves me driven for success, sometimes (okay the majority of the time) my ‘work ethic’ kicks in about a day or two before the  deadline. I mean example A, I’m writing this two days before it needs to be submitted!

Whilst my case of procrastination often means a lot of late night cramming, caffeine cravings and painful mornings the next day, I’ve come to realise I work best under pressure. Now, that may not be a good thing, however it works for me. Yet, regardless of whether I crack or not under pressure, I do have to question my thought process of just why I put myself under such pressure – give me a month to do a project and I’ll leave it to the day before!

Why do I do this to myself” I curse every time I leave it to the last minute, I’ll just never learn.   

So, why do I leave it to the last minute? Why do I have to procrastinate until the very last minute every damn time? Is it genetics? Or was I just cursed by a ‘Maleficent like character’ when I was a baby – and if that was the case, where were my three magic fairies (or more importantly where’s my Prince Charming?!).

Although I think ‘work ethic’ plays a part in getting work done and having the motivation to do something – I think the error of my way is in my lack of organisation. I never fail to meet a deadline (as I hate nothing more than failing to do something I said I would) albeit, I’ll happily leave it to the last minute and suffer through a late night than get it done when I can.

Which is why I have come to term with my self-diagnosed issue… I am a pathological procrastinator.

So, want to get inside the thought process of a self-professed procrastinator?

Day 1: One whole week to get this done? Pffffttt, I don’t need that long!

Day 2: I’m going to get this done straight away… and then I won’t have to stress!

Day 3: Ugh I’m so tired, and it doesn’t have to be done for another week, I’ll definitely do it tomorrow!

Day 4: Deadlines, shmedlines

Day 5: TGIF! Woooooo! Who even works on a Friday? Not me!

Day 6: Okay, here’s the plan; I’m going to get home and straight away finish my work. That’s the deal. Oh, wait there’s a new episode of Riverdale on… yeah the work can wait, it doesn’t need to be in for ages anyway!

Day 7: Oh wow, the weeks gone quick, I should get the work done today. Yep, sat down, the works it front of me – this should be easy. Oh, Instagram, let me just spend the rest of the day on social media!

Day 8: Oh crap, I’ve gone and done it again. Someone get me a caffeine shot, stat (I could really use a fairy godmother right about now)!

Yeah, so that’s pretty much how my week goes, every week.

Words by Maija Lily
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