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#DebutDollsAroundTheGlobe: NYFW Roundup

This week, #DebutDoll Molly, who hails from Chicago, Illinois, talks about her thoughts on New York Fashion Week.

I’ve loved each and every fashion week that I’ve been to – but this past February I had the privilege of attending NYFW for the third time. Maybe I’ve finally got my wits about me when it comes to fashion week (it’s a beautiful, crazy nightmare if you’ve never been), but this was one of my favorite trips I’ve ever taken out to New York. I was on schedule to go to about nine shows in a four day period – but I only made it to about three. I’ve polled other bloggers – you normally only ever make it to about 30% of the shows you say you will! This is due to a lot of different factors. Shows are never on time, traffic is crazy, and the mobs of people create for less than ideal traffic conditions.

This trip out to NYFW also left me with plenty of time to eat my way through the city, which is one of my favorite things to do in NYC. I started off my first day with a trip to Baby Brasa, a Peruvian rotisserie on the lower East Side. If you haven’t seen him on Instagram, the owner of Baby Brasa is famous for arguably being one of the hottest chefs in NYC. (Check him out on Ellen or find him on Instagram @franconorhal). While we didn’t get a sighting of the Insta-famous chef, the food was incredible.

One of my favorite shows this NYFW was Sheguang Hu, a Chinese couture designer who left me with serious Alexander McQueen vibes. The soundtrack to the show was a Tibetan throat singer, which is a distinct and beautifully eerie sound if you’ve never heard it before. The looks ranged from couture all the way to the bizarre – while some pieces were clearly for making a statement or for the shock factor, some of the clothing was actually quite beautiful when you got to watch it move.

The other best show that I got to see was Saku New York. Saku was an exercise in mixing textures, fabrics, and colors. The designer played the fine line between doll-pretty looks clashing against velvet capes and beauty looks with black lipstick. One model would float down the runway in a baby blue and pink silk ensemble, only to be followed by a wild woman in fur or velvet donning dark makeup. While contrasting, it was careful and complimentary.

While I sat at my last brunch before heading back to Chicago, I reflected back on the insane whirlwind that was my four quick days in New York. While I didn’t make it to all of the shows that I attended, I felt like I was finally comfortable enough to enjoy my time at NYFW. In the past, I’ve been so worried about getting a good Instagram, finding a good spot at the show, or fighting the traffic. I gave up in a sense, and forced myself to go with the flow. Maybe that’s a lesson for life more than it is fashion week – but if you’ve ever worked in fashion, you’ll understand. Best to just let it happen!

Words: Molly Tullis
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