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Entertainment: Introducing Cailin Russo

Cailin Russo may be a leading influencer now, but she originally skyrocketed to fame after featuring as the love interest in Justin Bieber’s “All That Matters’ and “Confident” music videos. Since starring alongside our favorite Canadian pop sensation, the Milk Model has acquired 501k Instagram followers on her artfully curated feed, and has become a fully-fledged social media star in her own right.

This self-made success is now venturing into the world of music, with her debut single “September Rose” coming out in March 2017. Her 115K Twitter followers will be pleased to hear that Cailin’s musical inspirations range from Gwen Stefani to the likes of Lauryn Hill. Drawing inspiration from these total girlbosses of old, Cailin has strong ambitions for the future. The true creative confesses, ‘It was Erykah Badu who said if you write it down, it’ll happen”. As with all female pioneers, the stunning star is taking the necessary steps to turn her artistic dreams into solid reality. At Debut, any girl making things happen for herself is something we can get on board with. Fortunately, Cailin Russo’s talent makes it even easier.

Words by India Alicia
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