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Fashion: AW17 Trend Report: Red & Pink

With Fashion Month coming towards the end of its run, it is always fun to look back and see what trends have stood out and appeared in multiple shows. There are of course the normal dark, sultry and romantic colours that always tend to make a showing during the Autumn/ Winter shows – because what says ‘colder months’ better than navy, black and berry colours? Nothing is the answer!

However during this Autumn/Winter ’17 fashion month there have been colours that look nothing like the dark tones we’re so used to seeing. Much to my excitement, there was (in more than one show) the mix of two absolutely gorgeous colours… pink and red! Can I get an Amen?!

Red and pink have always been two colours that are supposedly never ever to be worn together – god forbid anyone wear a pink and red top! For as long as I can remember it has been a fashion rule not to be messed with! Nevertheless, the designers of the world have spoken loud and clear… ‘Red and pink is the new black’.

In more than one show, red and pink were the two statement colours that stood out amongst the rest of the less bright, bold and beautiful colours.


Ryan Lo
Ryan Lo presented his Autumn/Winter 2017 collection in the BFC Show Space during LFW.

The Hong Kong-born designer’s aw17 collection paid homage to the idiosyncratic street style of ‘ganguro’ and ‘decora’ girls of Tokyo’s infamous Harajuku district. It was also a nostalgic throwback to the late 90s which was a time of Japanese pop culture, yet Lo blended them with current trends to create an exaggerated and girly collection with his signature ruffled dresses in those all familiar pink and red shades that were both brilliant and clashing. A collaboration with the iconic Hello Kitty couldn’t have looked cuter than on Lo’s pieces. Overall, the collection channelled the contrasting innocent and yet utterly badass, girly and yet uber street style cool look that Tokyo is so known for.

Supriya Lele
The Supriya Lele presentation at the ‘Fashion East’ space during London Fashion Week is what I’d call a pink and red dream with gorgeous pieces that definitely include the latest trend for aw17. The collection is inspired by the duality of her cultural identity and Lele said “For this season it was my heritage and the mix of being part of two cultures – British and Indian, but it is also about the women who have been influential to me in my life” the collection is also a refreshing take on femininity as she described her most current aw17 collection as “Fresh and modern, with an edge of femininity.” The ‘red and pink trend’ show in her collection through minimalistic pieces such as the red tapered trousers and pastel pink patent top with a trail.


For the aw17 collection, the Creative Director of JOSEPH, Louise Trotter, focused on intertwining the masculine and feminine signatures. The collection featured shirts, prominent collars and the popular slouchy tailored look that is definitely another trend to look out for during the autumn/winter months. As well as the more masculine touches there were florals, velvets and draped silk dresses that were a tribute to the feminine touches in the collection. The colour palette was also varied and pieces consisted of neutrals tones, navy, olive green, blue and burgundy ensembles as well as the infamous contrast of red and pink tones. The red and pink trend was shown during the Joseph show in a gorgeous slouchy, dusty pink knit paired with red loose fitting ‘tailored’ trousers aka the perfect autumn look.  

Overall, I think the red and pink trend is ready to take over our aw17 wardrobes and is the perfect way to brighten up a particularly dark period (both clothing and weather wise) and so I’m more than ready and very excited to try out the contrasting soft pink and daring reds to create stylish and not so typical autumn/winter looks!

Words By Maija Lily
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