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Entertainment: 3 French Movies You Need In Your Life

Movies nights can get a little boring when you always watch the same type of movies. Sometimes, you’re in need to see something different that will touch your soul, leave you speechless .

If you’re looking for a movie for you and your lover, you and your friends or only you, I may be able to give you a hand. Go for a french movie to make your movie time more special!

French movies aren’t the most succesful in the world, but some are just masterpieces !

Im going to advice you 3 of my favorites obviously, and they’re all worth watching! Warning .. some of them might leave you emotionally heartbroken.

None of those movies revolve around fashion, but some fashion choices will impress you .

1- L’Arnacoeur 
The first movie, L’Arnacoeur, is a french movie starring the talented Vanessa Paradis, who you probably know as singer/actress and Lily Rose Depp’s mum . I’ve probably watched it a thousands times, and what I loved the most about it is the simplicity of the whole thing. This movie is not a cliché at all and will make you feel all type of emotions.

2- Divines
This movie by Houda Benyamina and revolves around two best friends basically just living their life. Their story is pictured in such a poetic way that you can not be surprised after seeing it. Added to that, the movie was nominated at the Golden Globes 2016, so you must see it. The storyline is based around friendship so watch it with your bff and you’ll feel very emotional – believe me!

3- La Belle et Bête (The Beauty and the Beast)
Since the remake version – with the amazing Emma Watson – is on its way, I’m going to suggest another french masterpiece – the french version.

The french version of The Beauty and the Beast stars Vincent Cassel and Lea Seydoux, and believe me it’s mesmerizing .

Words by Batty Bathily
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