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Lifestyle: How To ‘Do’ Sunday Properly

I have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with Sunday’s; on one hand, they are the epitome of a lazy day with their promises of bottomless brunches and lay-ins yet on the other hand they are the dreadful reminder that tomorrow is Monday, that tomorrow the working week starts again.

So, on the love side of things, Sunday is the day in which it is completely socially acceptable to sleep in until the pm, it is also completely socially acceptable to wear pyjamas all day if you didn’t already know (which I may or may not have practised today #comfortfirst). So, trust me when I say I love my lazy Sunday’s… it gives me time to take a breather from the business of the Monday-Friday routine and do all the stuff I can’t do during the week… like catching up on some blogs, reading some of my magazines, online browsing (although let’s be real, I do that every other day) and maybe even some online shopping (but again, let’s be real, I also do that every other day).

Sunday is like the universal ‘chilled’ day where you can bet your maple syrup covered french toast that everyone will be in the comfort of their warm homes wrapped up in endless amounts of blankets watching reruns of Sex and the City – Oh – Just me?

Like I said, I like to treat it as a day where I can catch up on all the things that I can’t necessarily prioritise in the week; like reading magazines, reading blogposts and online shopping (a lot of online shopping) whilst eating far too many chocolate digestives and no one can judge – well no one apart from the people out running on a Sunday, they’re allowed to judge.

I hate to bring negative energy, but then there is the hate side of Sunday. The fact that to some people Sunday is the first day of the week – crazy, I know! The fact that you have to spend the entire day knowing at the back of your mind about the dreaded early morning you will have to face on Monday, knowing you will have to set your alarm on for before the birds start singing, and the sun starts shining, that all your work that you procrastinated over all weekend will still have to be done by tomorrow. Oh, the dread.

So, to get a little less hate and a little more love, you gotta do Sunday properly.


Step 1: Don’t wake up any earlier than 11’o clock, otherwise you would have wasted a perfectly good lay-in and you will deeply regret it Monday morning when you have to wake up at the crack of dawn.

Step 2: Brunch. This is a vital stage, do not miss it out. Eat as many pancakes as you possibly can or as much french toast as you can muster – strawberries are always a must as well.

Step 3: Put a tv series on, whether that be reruns of ‘Friends’ and ‘Sex and the City’ that you’ve seen a million times before or a current series you are watching, just put it on and watch as many episodes as you can before your eyes turn square!

Step 4: Grab a cup of tea, a good old fashioned english tea or a herbal tea (it’s up to you) and a pack of your preferred biscuits – emphasis on the pack because one or two is never enough.

Step 5: Leave your cosy cocoon of blankets momentarily to grab your purse, return to said cosy cocoon of blankets and open up as many shop tabs as you can and buy loads of things without any regrets and just keep repeating the mantra “because it’s Sunday” (works every time!)

Step 6: Finally take a long bath. Fill the bath up to the top and create a lush ‘bath bomb cocktail’. Keep watching your chosen series (you must be at least a few seasons in at this point – congrats) and light some candles to calm yourself before the craziness of the week begins.

So, do you love or hate Sundays? I think I have to confess when I follow my ‘Sunday guide’, I really do love ‘em!

Words by Maija Lily
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