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Features: Top 5 Myths About Magazine Internships

Interning is a fun and informative experience, however a lot of people have spoken to in the past are often scared to intern, due to these assumptions that interns live in some dingy corner office and are forced to make cups of tea and run and collect people’s lunches. I am here to tell you that these are myths and interning at a magazine isn’t as bad as you may think.

Here are some of the myths I have heard about magazine internships.

You will be stuck making cups of tea
I can say with my hand on my heart that whilst interning at Zoo Magazine I didn’t once make tea or coffee for anyone, even though I did offer. This idea that the only thing you will be perfecting whilst interning is your tea making skills is so outdated. Most companies now like their interns to get stuck in with work straight away.

No one is going to take your pitches seriously
There is this idea that as an intern you are not taken seriously. If your pitch is based on current affairs and appealing to the magazines audience, then why would they say no? Yes you are an intern but you are also a writer and they have no reason to undermine your pitches or your writing ability. After all that is what got you there in the first place.

You’re going to get given irrelevant jobs
There is this assumption that interns just sit around photocopying irrelevant documents and sorting through posts on a daily basis. This is also inaccurate. Many interns at magazines are given duties that are similar to that of an editorial assistant. I know a few people who were responsible for managing magazines social media pages and publishing content online, they don’t sound like irrelevant tasks to me!

They will never publish an article you write
I know many people who have had their articles published by large publications whilst interning. So this one is just ridiculous, as long as your article is written well, the editor has no reason not to publish your piece. The more content, the better!

No one will like you
I feel like we have characters like Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada and Marc St.James from Ugly Betty to blame for this myth that assumes that everyone who works for magazines is rude, so not true! Half of the writers and even editors first started out as interns, so they have been in your position before. You find most of the junior writers and editorial assistants are especially friendly, because they were probably doing your job a few months ago.

Although these are myths, you may bump into someone who doesn’t take you seriously or someone you just don’t like whilst interning, but sadly that’s just part of life. However it’s important to understand that these myths are exactly that: MYTHS. So don’t be afraid to apply for that internship you have been eyeing up.

Words by Lateefah Jean-Baptiste

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