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Features: Fun And Creative Side Hustles

Whether you’re a student looking for part-time work, or in full-time employment and constantly lusting over, I don’t know, a holiday abroad or paying that unexpectedly large energy bill, it is always handy to have an extra source of cash. When we live in a world where a 9-5 for a corporate company can still leave you living in a grotty house-share, the side hustle one could argue, is more important than ever. But how do you get one worth your time, and where should we even start?


Selling your wares
Perhaps the easiest way to make extra money is to sell off the things you own that you no longer need. Formal clothes that take up wardrobe space now that you have landed a job with a smart-casual dress code, old gear that you’ve replaced, or three of the six pairs of jeans you possess could all fill up your own online emporium. Apps like @depop are great for gathering all your stuff in one place, and its Instagram-like layout is easy to navigate for buyers and sellers alike. Branded goods do really well on sites like eBay, as do larger items. If you have some extra time on your hands, cultivate a mini-brand for yourself and source good stock from charity shops and sales to sell on.

Take care
If you’ve ever been a babysitter or cash-in-hand child minder as a teen, then it is worth remembering this kind of easy money-maker in your twenties. In a role that essentially entails putting some kids to bed, and maybe cracking out a fairytale or two, babysitting is possibly the only hustle where people willingly pay you to watch television and eat their biscuits. If you regularly have an evening without plans then consider taking this side-job up again and watch those tenners stack into an emergency fund. You could even use the quieter hours to work on a career related or creative projectand make some cash whilst working towards your goals.

Social Media
Chelsea Fagan from The Financial Diet recently joked on Twitter that millennials should make ‘clean’ online accounts and start charging corporate companies for social media consultancy services. While this may be a bit Lean In for the majority of us, I know many a student who has paid their way by managing the social media channels for small businesses, on the side. Local garden centers, live promoters, and indie brands are all a mere gmail address away. If you can demonstrate an understanding of analytics and handle Hootsuite then there is nothing stopping you from setting up a week’s worth of statuses, and watching the money add up as the tweets tick by.

Modelling and acting
Bear with me here. You don’t need to be Naomi Campbell to model for hairdressers or fashion and photography students. A popular Cardiff-based dance teacher works as a model on creative projects, and Cardiff Fashion Week cast “non-models” for their runway shows. Commercial modelling can also be a lucrative side-hustle. A Monaco-based make-up artist I know used to ‘model’ as a flag-waving Formula 1 “grid-girl”, and the Coyote Ugly chain hires girls who can hold a tune and perform a dance routine as their main attraction. If you’d rather not wear hotpants, tons of agencies hire extras for regional and London-based productions. This side hustle can rake in two days wages in a single shift and will give you an insider’s insight into the film and television industries.

Words by India Alicia
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