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Fashion: Bringing Juicy Back

The noughties called and they said: “watch out velour is back in the form of bedazzled Juicy Couture tracksuits”

bringing-juicy-back-inside-photoIt’s been a long time coming, but the exciting return of the juicy couture tracksuit was made official only days ago when Kylie Jenner stepped out in a dark velour ensemble that had “Juicy” written across her derrière, and I’m totally not mad about it, in fact, quite the opposite! I mean, I definitely knew it was bound to happen when I saw Juicy tracksuits slyly creep onto the ‘Asos’ and ‘Topshop’ websites but the ‘Jenner effect’ made it official, and by ‘it’ I mean ‘the return of Juicy’.

{the ‘Jenner effect’ = when a Jenner sister wears something making it extremely popular aka sold out literally everywhere.}

I’m talking about the infamous velour tracksuits as if I own a different colour for every day of the week, alas, I have none… yes you heard me right, hear the gasps of Paris Hilton and every early noughties pop princess in the distance! I never quite jumped on the JC bandwagon but by the time I finally considered getting one they were quickly becoming what could be called “soooo last season”. In a time when comfort was cool, the velour matching sets were perfect in their barbie pink, bubble gum colours worn with uggs and a lip lacquered smile. So now whilst ‘athleisure’ is so on trend within the fashion industry there really isn’t a better time to reintroduce this reality tv favourite a.k.a the Juicy tracksuit.

Back in the early noughties, everyone was getting “flossy” whilst singing to Britney Spears, girls would dress in Juicy Couture two pieces feeling “sweet” and totally “chillaxed”. Tell me, have I totally butchered the early 2000 slang yet?

It was only natural that JC was going to make an extravagant come back, beside the whole idea that fashion works in a full circle, with the return of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s by law (fashion law) the noughties were next. In the past few years, we’ve had the ‘come back’ of seventies suede, eighties oversized shirts and the nineties grunge so the noughties velour was next, no negotiating. There’s something so cool about trends returning, it may have you digging through your wardrobe searching for those mom jeans that you pushed to the back in horror years ago wondering why you ever bought something so (comfy) unflattering, or it may have your cursing to the fashion gods wondering why they ever let you dispose of that amazing Levi jean jacket you loved but got rid of in a sporadic spring cleaning session!

Is the return of Juicy Couture sending you on a scavenger hunt looking for the velour you hid in shame or is it making you regret sending them to charity in late 2000’s? Or, like me, has it had you sat at your laptop searching through endless websites selling JC thinking “am I really about to buy a Juicy tracksuit in 2017?”… “duh, yes!”

So let’s recap. Am I happy about the return of velour? Yes. Am I happy about the return of Juicy Couture? Yes. Am I going to be rocking the velour tracksuit any time soon? Hell. Yes. The real question though, is, are you?

Words by Maija Lily
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