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Features: The Right Kind Of Inspiration

The ‘twenty-tens’ have become synonymous with a culture in which people are ‘famous for being known.’ Although not a new concept, it has exploded in recent years thanks to, in large, reality television and the powerful medium of social media. As a result of this, a new wave of celebrities have come to the forefront of the British press and are now acting as role models for our youth. Here at Debut, we believe that our role models should be hard-working, ambitious and genuine which is not always the case in 2017 therefore we have round up a list of celebrity profiles, currently in the public eye, who we believe our youth should be looking to for inspiration.

6778929277_fd19d5cd3e_bEmma Watson
How refreshing it is it see a child actor that has not gone off the rails. Defying the trend set by the likes of Lindsey Lohan, Miley Cyrus and Amanda
Bynes, Watson spends her time fighting for gender equality and is even a UN ambassador. She has graduated from Ivy League college Brown University and focuses her time more on intellectual pursuits and making positive changes than what she looks like and what she wears (and yet she still remains a fashion icon!) Watson officially makes smart girls cool.

Holly Willoughby
With such a huge television profile comes a huge responsibility to set an example for young women. Holly is very aware of this and so uses her position to encourage young girls to value the right things. Who can forget when she shot down a journalist asking about her diet by saying: “Talking about diets all the time encourages eating disorders, and I don’t want to encourage eating disorders.”
A girl after our own heart.

Claudia Winkleman 
Claudia is best known for being Tess Daly’s edgy co-host on BBCs Strictly Come Dancing but she is so much more. She began her career as a travel writer, working with The Sunday Times, The Independent and The Metro, before branching out into radio and television. She has also written on more general topics for Cosmopolitan and
Tatler. What’s more, she is a Cambridge Graduate with an MA in Art History and is not afraid to fight for what she believes in. For example, she teamed up with Heat magazine for a make-up free shoot in a bid to prevent extensive airbrushing, calling it “pretty terrifying.”

Janet Street-Porter CBE 
at 70 years old, Janet Street-Porter has done it all, and managed to come out the other side with as strong a media presence as ever before. She is a media personality,
journalist and broadcaster and quite a controversial figure. She is a great role model because she has admitted her past mistakes and taught us that your mistakes do not define you. She left university without a degree but with hard-work and persistence, scored a job with the Daily Mail, and soon became its deputy fashion editor. She has never been one to shy away from controversial subjects within journalism and in 2016 was appointed Commander of the British Empire for her services to the industry. Who wouldn’t want somebody with a CBE as their role model?

Michelle Obama 
Obviously, the once first lady is so much more than a media profile but her inclusion into the article was a necessity because she is one of the best role models for females everywhere. She is a writer, a lawyer and a powerful public speaker and has graduated from two Ivy League colleges, Princeton and Harvard Law School. Obama is an advocate for LGBT rights, gender equality and even healthy eating. Above all, she is a role model to the youth of today because she believes in the power of this social group, stating in her recent farewell speech: “I want our young people to know that they matter, that they belong. So don’t be afraid young people. Be focused. Be determined. Be helpful. Be empowered.”

Words: Rebecca Sweeney

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