#DebutDoll Batty Bathily On: New Years Eve In Paris

This week, #DebutDoll Batty, who hails from Paris, shares her advice on how to spend NYE in the city of love…

Knock, knock!

Winter is here and it’s definitely my favourite part of the year! There is so much to think about, all starting with Halloween, followed by Christmas, and then New Years Eve!

Have you ever thought about spending your New Years Eve in Paris? Everytime NYE rolls around, we all wonder what to do and where to go – so let me help you with that!

When it comes to me, I like to make each NYE different and surprising, from partying with my besties to travelling in a new city.

I can’t picture anything better than travelling for New Years: a new country, new people, new culture, new atmosphere…new everything!

So therefore, if you’re already planning to come to Paris for New years, let me tell offer you some advice that you could use before taking off.

First of all, if you’re planning to go to a place make sure to book way earlier in advance and not leave it until the last minute.

For example, if you’re up for a boat night with dinner, champagne at the bottom of the Tower Eiffel, concert (perfect package), get this booked soon as possible.

It’s best to book way earlier because the later you leave it, the less room there will be – and the few tickets that do remain will be very expensive. 

Likewise, if you just want to go out and enjoy the city, go for it! Just make sure to pick some places to go (restaurants, clubs, concerts) and you’ll be fine.

New years is about happiness, love, life so make the most of it, make it special.

And as Audrey once said, “Paris is always a good idea!”

Words: Batty Bathily 
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