7 Gift Ideas For Women On The Go

main-imageQuirky Travel Mug
Sadly not everyone has the luxury of being able to get up and prepare a full English and a nice cup of coffee in the morning. Travel mugs definitely come in handy for those rushed mornings when you got to get your morning kick whilst running for the train.

Pocket-sized Notebook
This is great gift idea for girls on the go who have a little side hustle alongside their 9-5. Whether it be a new blog post idea or a sketch for a project you have been working on. Its always great to have a little notebook with you during your daily journeys.

Portable charger
There is nothing worse than finishing a long shift at work and seeing the empty battery icon appear on your screen. Now your journey is going to be filled of over hearing weird conversations, babies crying and school kid’s yelling. Not exactly the best way to spend your journey back from work! Portable chargers definitely come in handy for those busy days when you’re in and out of the office.

Spa or Aromatherapy sets
Not everyone can afford a weekend trip at a luxury spa. So this is a great way for any busy body to unwind on the weekends. These sets come in various forms and other a quick and cheap solution to self pampering without the heavy price tag.

Cute Diary
We are all guilty of double booking or forgetting about a friend’s birthday. If you’re always on the go, this is can become a reoccurring thing for you. A diary is a great way for any girl on the go to keep track of her hectic schedule.

Spa Treatment gift vouchers
Getting a massage or facial just spells out relaxation. Many local spa’s do gift vouchers or discount offers during the Christmas period. What a better way to say merry christmas than a half price massage?

Decent-sized makeup bag
There is nothing worse than having to cram all your make up into a small make up bag. A decent sized make-up bag would be appreciated this christmas, as no one wants to open their make up bag on a packed train on a friday night and have all their stuff spill out all over the carriageway.

Words: Lateefah-Jean Baptiste 
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