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What To Do When You Didn’t Get That Job You Desperately Wanted

You’re more than qualified for this role, your interview went great and you left the room feeling positive, now you just have to wait for them to get back to you. Days go pass and you don’t hear anything. Until one day you check your emails and you see the word ‘unfortunately’ in the subject line. The word unfortunately still gives me goose bumps till this day! Sadly rejection is a natural part of the job hunting process.

Here are a few steps to follow that can hopefully help you to get over the dreaded ‘unfortunately’ email:

Let that frustration out
Built up frustration isn’t good for anyone. It’s perfectly fine to feel upset or discouraged if you’ve just got a rejection email from a job you desperately wanted. We have all been there before, trust me. So get angry call your boyfriend and start venting on the phone or get that tub of ice cream and binge watch your favourite Netflix series. Do whatever you need to do in order to get out that frustration or anger out, because once it’s gone then you can continue to move on with your job hunt.

Focus on the strengths
Okay so your interview might have not gone to plan. But that’s no need to beat yourself up about it. We all make mistakes no one interview is perfect without its flaws so don’t dwell in it for too long. Acknowledge some of the things you think you think you do well in. You didn’t get the job but that doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. Think about all the people who applied for this job and you got through to the interview stages, so clearly your employers can see your potential.

Make a list of your achievements
Yes you didn’t get the job and yes it’s frustrating, but don’t let this minor setback make you feel undeserving. Make a list if your career achievements so far. Remind yourself that you are a strong candidate and although you may not have got this job there are many others similar to it out there. If you’re struggling to do this, think did your recruiter say anything about your application that they liked, if so start with that.

Words: Lateefah-Jean Baptiste 
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