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#DebutDoll Molly Tullis On: How to Adjust To A New Work Environment

This week, #DebutDoll Molly, who hails from Chicago, Illinois, talks about how to settle into a new job role!

4ad63ab440030cd0b2996806c07f4262If any of my previous posts have been a clue, I was fortunate enough to start a new position this past month. It’s been a dream and has been a fantastic new opportunity for me – of course, the only downside to a new job is adjusting to a new working environment. Clearly it takes a few weeks (sometimes even a few months!) to adjust entirely to a new environment. There are, however, my favorite three tips and tricks to making sure that you adjust quickly.

Don’t hesitate to get to know your coworkers
Some people don’t believe in adding coworkers on social media or getting their personal information. I think that it is up to your discretion – if you don’t have pretty clean social media, I definitely wouldn’t recommend adding your coworkers – but it can definitely help!

It adds an unexpected element of bonding when you can add people on Snapchat and laugh about something that happened over a lunch break together.

Attend company events
I’m the oldest 23 year old on the planet. If there’s an option between going home and going out… I pretty much always choose staying in (I’m in the middle of a new Netflix series, okay?!). But it’s very important to make sure that you are socializing and attending the right company events, especially around the holidays. Go to the cocktail events, networking cocktail hours, etc.

These events are a big deal – especially in communications and fashion – so showing up and making a connection is important! (Plus, when it’s appropriate, sharing a drink may always create good memories between you and your new coworkers!) Some of these events are more mandatory than you might think. In industries such as finance or advertising, being able to hang out with your team and pull late hours together is how they vet you out.

Of course, put in the time!
In your first few weeks of work, you probably don’t actually have much to do. In between HR meetings and going through all of your new work training, it always takes one or two weeks before you feel like you actually have any assignments. Even though you may be able to clock out at 5pm, it’s probably a good idea to hang out a little later.

Put in another half an hour or twenty minutes at the end of the day to make sure your fellow employees don’t need anything else. Asking if they need any additional help before you leave will help build trust and strengthen the bond between your new coworkers.

Best of luck in all of your career adventures, dolls!

Words: Molly Tullis
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