#DebutDoll Molly Tullis On: How To Stand Your Ground In Business

This week, #DebutDoll Molly, who hails from Chicago, Illinois, talks about that famous US election and the consequences of the results.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Donald Trump won the election in the US. The morning after was one of the most heartbreaking and sobering moments I’ve ever experienced. Boarding my morning train, I was confronted with random strangers – all women or people of color – weeping to themselves on the train. It’s been a troubling time ever since, but the outpouring of love and support amongst minorities and women in my country – Chicago especially – has been inspiring.

One of the hottest topics in the fashion news stateside is how some designers have come out and refused to dress the First Lady-elect, Melania Trump. Sophie Theallet, a designer that has dressed Michelle Obama on a few occasions, has come out and denied to dress Melania in any way, shape, or form.

Theallet posted an open note on her Twitter, citing that “Trump’s history of racism, sexism, and xenophobia” is a part of her reasoning. In response, famous American designer Tommy Hilfiger said that “any designer should be proud to dress Melania Trump.”

I, for one, proudly commend Sophie Theallet’s decisions to stand up for what she believes in and her opposal of Trump’s history of hatred. It’s a decision that will undoubtedly create backlash for Theallet – and potentially even a drop in sales, unfortunately. But oftentimes, the hardest decisions we face in our careers and in our lives don’t revolve around what we should order for lunch; these decisions come when our moral code is threatened by what we’re being asked to do.

So how do you stand your ground in business?

The only piece of advice I have for those who are feeling affected by the Trump win or are facing a decision similar to Theallet’s, is to be yourself. If you are ever faced with a decision that makes you feel uncomfortable – that gut feeling that something is wrong – you should weigh your options and do what makes you happy.

Jobs will come and go, but you will have to live with yourself until the day you die. The right job for you will not put you in a position that will demand you compromise your morals. If your job is asking for that – that probably isn’t the right job for you!

When faced with hard decisions and times like these, especially stateside, we must always stick together. Find your moral code and stick to it absolutely. Look out for other women and minorities in your life who may be affected – and find a way to live your best life while always be able to sleep at night.

Words: Molly Tullis
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