5 Ways You Can De-stress Right Now

It’s only natural to need a break every now and then, with a full on combination of work, studying, internships, personal relationships and trying to have some sort of social life it can all sometimes get a bit too much.

Here are some tips that can help you de-stress right now.

2-1Take a walk
It might seem obvious but getting outside can really help to lift your mood, whether it be out in a park or literally a garden depending on what you have around you. The weather at the moment is somewhat temperamental but sometimes it feels good to put your headphones in and go for a walk in the rain.

With apps creating new ways to get some space every day you don’t even need to attend a class to meditate now, you can download an app like “
Headspace” straight to your phone and off you go. Taking time out of your daily routine to help you establish what is important can really help in making sure you have your priorities straight.

Light a candle
Is there anything more peaceful than sitting in a tidy room with a scented candle wafting through the air? We think not, when you smell a scent that makes you happy, every time you light it, it will affirm those feelings in your mind so you feel at ease. Our current favorite is from Boux Avenue and is called
Miss B.

Spring clean
A somewhat lengthy task but definitely worth it, is a spring clean of your bedroom or you could even tackle the whole house. Having a bit of a clear out, whether that be your wardrobe, your bookshelf or even your desktop will naturally make you feel less stressed as you de-clutter your life and streamline what is important.

Read a book
It doesn’t need to be a self-help book or even something that addresses stress, but letting your mind escape what is happening in your life and taking that time to imagine a story can help you see something from a different angle, therefore alleviating the problems that seem to be clouding your judgement at that particular moment in time. A book that we can’t put down is
Bloom by Estee Lalonde as her honest insights into her daily happenings in her life are something that anyone can relate to.

So there you have it: 5 ways to de-stress right now.

Words: Gabriella Tavani
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