Take Your Dreams And Goals To Paris

Have you ever wanted to take your dreams and projects to another city?

I did, and no matter what your reasons are, you may have a lot doubt deciding whether to take that chance or not.

As a fashion lover, I aspire to work in the fashion industry. I want to share with you my view when it comes to the fashion industry in France, since it’s indeed « la capitale de la mode ».

I am one of these girls with many dreams, many fears, and many steps to climb to get where I want to get.

Nothing is easy, no matter what city you are in, and to realize your dreams, you’ll always have to work hard every single day.

I believe there are many doors open, especially in Paris, the city is full of opportunities in fashion, however the doors are open but not as much I’d hoped.

Trying to work in fashion here is a battlefield, you need to take risks, always, and be confident with yourself – if you’re not, you’ll easily think of giving up.

There are a lot of opportunities in fashion, but also a lot of candidates full of talent. So be you, be ready, and believe in yourself.  Find your opportunities and conquer them, that’s how it works. One thing I learned while pursuing my goals is to be audacious, never stop to being audacious and that’s my number one advice if you ever decide to take your dreams to Paris.

One last piece of advice: there are a lot of events, parties, exposition and jobs in the capital, so make sure to join the party !

For example, Fashion Week has always been my go-to since I was sixteen years old, because you have a view on the new fashion trends, and the opportunity to meet a lot of designers, artists, photographs, and models, and that’s something that can really help you reach your goal.

So if you’re already planning to move here and reach those goals, remember: be amazing!

Be everywhere!

Be yourself!

And make sure to enjoy the good days and even the bad ones.

Words: Batty Bathily 
Tweet Batty @BattyHR

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