Nine Ways Desk Jobs Can Affect Your Health

Sitting for long periods of time at your office desk is not ideal and now in recent years, researchers have linked the office environment to problems such as, repetitive strain injuries, risk of heart disease and even obesity.

Here are some ways you may have not known that your desk job is affecting your health:

Skipping breakfast
If you are always on the go and commute to work or don’t feel like you have time to eat before leaving the house, then you are putting strain on your body and increasing the chances of becoming overweight. It is the most important meal of the day and not eating breakfast can change your metabolism and digestion.

Hunching in your chair
Poor posture leads to back, neck and shoulder pain and trapped nerves. Remember to sit up straight and adjust your chair so you are in a comfortable position that doesn’t put strain on your back.

Forgetting to drink water
Drinking too much coffee can lead to headaches, anxiety and digestion problems. Drinking water is much better for your health, it can boost energy, leave your skin glowing the it reduces headaches, perfect for those long days sat in front of a computer screen!

Sitting down all day
Sitting down for long periods will leave you feeling achy and increase your chances of getting pains, diabetes and heart disease. Every hour it is recommended to take at least a 5 minute break and stretch your legs, go for a quick walk or simply move around the office.

Eating fast food for lunch
Constantly eating fast food at your desk has extremely negative effects on your body and can lead to heart disease and obesity. Aim for a salad, sandwich or pasta bowl instead to minimise your calorie intake.

Working long hours and odd hours
Working 10 or more hours a day can increase your chances of having a heart attack, it causes you to develop bad habits and can contribute to anxiety and depression. Avoid staying late after work and ding overtime and improve your time management skills to avoid having to stay and complete unfinished tasks.

Staring at a computer screen all day
This can in fact harm your vision and put strain on your eyes from staring at the screen for long periods of time. Headaches and migraines are a common side effect of office work so when you can take a short break and make sure your lunch break its away from the screen.

Office germs
Keyboards are a breeding ground for bacteria and they can have five times as many germs and if not kept clean can lead to food poisoning. Printer buttons and door handles are also rife with bacteria so make sure you are washing your hands regularly and wiping down surfaces when possible.

Typing and using a mouse too much
Both of these activities can lead to repetitive strain injuries including carpal tunnel syndrome which is a painful wrist problem that can lead to nerve damage in the arm. It is extremely painful and can leave your with weak muscles. It puts strain on your muscles and the repetition of pressing a hard surface will lead to tendon problems. There is no solution to this office task but always remember to take a break and don’t press too hard on the keys.

Words: Georgia Knight
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