You don’t have to care about the latest trends or high-end fashion to know about H&M’s latest collaboration with French luxury house Kenzo. Whether you shopped the collection online as soon as it became available or you joined the much-prepared queuing system in stores, organizers preparations of the launch excelled any other. Could this have anything to do with last years chaotic launch of H&M’s collaboration with Parisian label Balmain?


Only having a certain amount of time to shop the collection and a rule of one item of style per person, shoppers were given clear instructions on their arrival. Briefed that they would be waiting for a minimum of two hours, they were given bottles of water, and sweet treats all perfectly designed with Kenzo’s pink and green leopard spots, which were the signature design for this collection.

Devoted shopper’s camped overnight outside the stores to guarantee their purchases and H&M had noticeably overstaffed their stores, not only to avoid any disorganization but to make customers feel like their wait was worth while, greeting them with friendly conversation in the queue and even applause at the till.


H&M collaborations have always been extremely popular mainly because of the distinctive designs you couldn’t really get anywhere else for such a low price. However the Kenzo collection flaunted pieces that ranged up to £299 and yet still managed to rank as one of H&M’s most popular collections so far.


A lot of customers were left empty handed as unfairly many money savvy shoppers purchased pieces of the collection only to re-sell them online. Many items’ from the collection such as a short patterned dress, which proved to be a favourite among shoppers, originally priced at £149.99 is now selling on Ebay for £280.

We here at Debut were lucky enough to get our hands on some of the pieces and we can confirm the quality of the clothing is far beyond what you would expect to find in H&M and the designs are rather spectacular. That being said we predict there will be many copycat versions of the designs on the high street in the near future.


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