And They’re Off! Tips For A Successful Melbourne Cup Carnival

Today we’re welcoming #DebutDoll Mikaela Phillips, all the way from Australia! In her first post for Debut Magazine, she talks about how to have a successful Melbourne Cup Carnival – and what a typical day at the event involves.

Fashion, champagne and horses – oh my! Where else can you get away with wearing larger than life hats, drinking champagne and a chance of winning big? Australia’s very own, Melbourne Cup Carnival!

debut-pinkWith Spring Racing well underway and in full swing in Melbourne Australia, the highly anticipated day of Melbourne Cup is fast approaching! While Derby Day and Crown Oaks Day draw a crowd, it’s Melbourne Cup day that you want to be seen attending! So make sure you show off that amazing outfit, rub shoulders with A-listers and bet on a winner!

Known worldwide as a must-attend event, the Melbourne Cup has caught the eye of celebrities from across the globe and with the many A-list names, the accompanying vast and diverse both emerging and respected names in fashion design/trends!

Titled ‘the race that stops the nation’, it’s no wonder Melbourne Cup Day fashion is not only one of the most talked subjects of the day but for days after in the news/press as well. From stylish to outrageous, fashionistas to celebs, fascinators to floral crowns, race day is definitely a girls dream come true

Celebrities to have attended the races include but aren’t limited to: Sarah Jessica Parker, Gigi Hadid, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Hawkins, Rose Bryne, Carson Kressley, David Guetta, Kate Upton and Mischa Barton.

The glitz and the glam make for a great day however, it definitely is a long day and I totally sympathise to the girls who go all day wearing high heels. However, here are a couple of my handy tips to make your Cup day a little more survivable Ha Ha!

SPF Moisturiser/Sunscreen
Essentially, you’re spending your whole day outdoors aka in the sun’s rays. This is definitely one of the easiest things to forget! But trust me, you’ll definitely be thanking yourself later when your face isn’t sunburned! 

Be Prepared
Firstly, try choose a purse/clutch that you can fit a few necessities in! Too small, you’ll have nowhere to put anything and too big is just too clunky and extra baggage to haul around all day. Reminder, pack some essentials like band aids, Panadol and that sunscreen!

Plan in advance your transport to and from the races. Pack a portable phone charger. And also, be sure to book any dinner or bar reservations in advance!

Ladies, be sure to snap as many selfies as you can at this year’s Spring Carnival and who knows, maybe you’ll even get a pic with an A-list celeb!

Words: Mikeala Phillips
Tweet Mikeala @miki_phillips

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