Trick Or Treat: Games For Halloween Thrills

If you’ve decided to stay in this Halloween, it’s not too late to conjure up a bit of spooky fun for you and your friends from the comfort of your own home. You’ve probably already picked out some Halloween movies to watch, but why not inject some action into your night to get your blood pumping with these sometimes ghoulish, occasionally gory but all-round great games?

For those who wouldn’t say boo to a ghost, these are more mild games that are suitable for those playing for kids, but that are entertaining fun with a seasonal twist in the tail.

Pokemon Go
Available on: Android, iOS

It’s the phenomenon that swept around the world this summer; the downloadable free Pokemon-catching game on your phone that brought strangers together and got everyone walking to hatch virtual eggs. A little bonkers? Perhaps. Satisfying good fun? Absolutely. If you’ve not downloaded Pokemon Go yet then now is the ideal time to give it a try; they’re currently doing a Halloween promotion where spooky themed Pokemon are haunting the spawn spots and you can get extra candy to help evolve your Pokemon faster. If you lost interest in the game after the first thrill was over this definitely adds some new fun! So gather up your friends or family and take a Halloween walk to catch a ghost (Pokemon)!
Scare Rating: 1


LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4/ Years 5-7
Available on: PS4, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS, Windows, Mac

These video games combine two timeless favourites; Harry Potter and LEGO? What’s not to love?! Either game will be much loved all year round, but exploring Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is perfect for Halloween, from learning magic spells to solving puzzles set by dark wizards. This game is really fun, with loads to discover in every story area and lots of characters to collect, giving it great replay value. It’s one of the best games for two players, with lots of cool exclusive powers depending on the character you’re playing as, including Crookshanks the cat for Hermione and Harry’s Invisibility Cloak. Accio game!
Scare Rating: 2

Requires: Min. 7 people

Going old school, Werewolf is a classic group role playing game; some of you might know it by the name Mafia. Werewolf can be played with a basic deck of cards and these rules, or you can buy a Werewolf-specific game pack with lots of character roles and game playing options. The simple set-up of Werewolf is as follows: two people are werewolves, and the rest are the villagers (including a doctor and a seer). No one knows anyone else’s role, and each night the werewolves pick a person to kill, and each morning the townsfolk have to pick someone to lynch until either the werewolves or townsfolk outnumber their adversary. This a fantastic game to play with a group, and despite the deceptively simple rules there will be a lot of heated debate, acting and bare-faced lying in order to win!
Scare Rating: 3


For the scare-lovers amongst you who want something that’ll have you tensed in cold sweat, these horror games will bring you thrills and chills!


Available on: PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows, Mac

Bioshock is one of my favourite games; it has a gorgeously designed setting in decaying Art Deco grandeur of Rapture, terrifying monsters in the Splicers, Little Sisters and Big Daddies, and a gripping story as you find yourself trying to escape the underwater dystopia of Rapture. In this first person shooter you must always be on your guard for the tragic former inhabitants of this world, using both weapons and genetically enhanced ‘plasmids’ that allow you to freeze, create fireballs and use telekinesis to defend yourself. Let me give you some advice…would you kindly avoid the hospital wing…
Scare Rating: 7

Alien: Isolation
Available on: PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Mac

Alien is one of the most popular staple sci-fi franchises, with the movies regularly pulled out for Halloween. How about trying a new spin on a classic, and immerse yourself in the shoes of Ripley as you try and evade the terrifying alien. Playing as Amanda Ripley, daughter of the original, experience the ultimate experience in survival; you can’t defeat the xenomorph, all you can do is use your wits and your stealth to last as long as possible. You’ll barely dare to breathe.
Scare Rating: 9

Until Dawn
Available on: PS4 exclusive

A group of horny teenagers staying in a secluded cabin are picked off one by one…is this your average slasher movie? Yes, and no. Until Dawn uses classic horror tropes but puts the characters’ lives in your hands, quite literally at times. Best played with a small group of friends so you can argue over what to do and swap control as the jump scares get too much to handle. It’s the next best thing to being in a horror movie…but watch out, you may decide you trust your friends considerably less with your safety after watching their decision-making!
Scare Rating: 10

Words: Heidi Teague
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