Femme Fatales: The Women You Don’t Want To Mess With

A great story comes with an ultimate villain and over the years there have been many extraordinary female baddies each with their own unique wardrobe and personalities.

From comic book baddies and high school bullies, to femme fatales and criminals, all have been portrayed and played to perfection making them extremely iconic and also popular Halloween costumes.

Here is our top picks of the ultimate female villains.

bellatrixBellatrix Le Strange, played by Helena Bonham Carter – Harry Potter franchise
Appearing in four films in the franchise, Bellatrix is a psychotic witch and loyal follower of Voldemort. With an evil persona Bellatrix enjoys completing the gruesome tasks asked of her and causes mayhem wherever she goes. A true psychopath she is not a force to be reckoned with.

Alex Forrest, played by Glenn Close – Fatal Attraction
A manipulative temptress, Alex Forrest is a dark character seeking revenge after being jilted from her secret lover. Much to the dismay of her victim, Alex is the perfect stalker.

The White Witch, played by Tilda Swinton – The Chronicles Of Narnia
Appearing in all three of the Narnia films, the White Witch is a cold-hearted character, utilizing her powers and controlling her minions she is a storybook antihero.

 Hedra Carlson, played by Jennifer Jason Leigh – Single White Female
Sharing an apartment with her new friend Allison, Hedra starts to grow jealous of her friend’s relationship and the situation takes an unexpected turn. Her hostility, violence and crazy stalking behaviour show that Hedra isn’t all who she claimed to be.

Regina George, played by Rachel McAdams – Mean Girls
The most popular girl in school and the ultimate bully, Regina George is Queen of the plastics, an intimidating gang that relishes in the misfortune of others. Spending nights writing in their ‘burn book’ it isn’t long until Regina is crossed.

Claire Peyton, played by Rebecca De Mornay – The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
A girl next door type, this nanny tries to steal husband, home and baby. Filled with vengeance her destructive mission is truly thrilling.

Wicked Witch Of The West, played by Margaret Hamilton – The Wizard Of Oz
A truly iconic baddie, the Wicked Witch is the villain that scared us all as a child. Her mean spirited ways and large following of flying monkeys keep us on the edge of our seats.


Catwoman, played by Michelle Pfeiffer – Batman Returns
With a killer outfit and a sinister mind, this feline siren is the original catwoman. Fighting against Batman her creepy performance makes her an outstanding antihero.

Cruella De Vil, played by Glenn Close – 101 Dalmatians 
Another brilliant performance from Glenn Close, Cruella De Vil is a sadistic but humorous villain who wants a collection of fur clothing and accessories, but a price. Willing to kill innocent Dalmatians for her obsession with fashion, she terrorises children developing cunning plans to get her hands of their family pet collection.

Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie – Suicide Squad
Undergoing a modern transformation, Harley Quinn has been this year’s most searched Halloween costume. With new pink dip-dyed pigtails, blue and pink shorts, a baseball bat and of course the signature lipstick, this thrilling character is still an ultimate baddie remaining true to her psychotic self.

Annie Wilkes, played by Kathy Bates – Misery
This former nurse appears to be a heroine as she rescues a her favourite novelist from a car accident, however after taking him to her quiet cabin her growing obsession takes over and it’s not long before she reveals her true colours and intentions. amy

Amy Dunne, played by Rosamund Pike – Gone Girl

The unexpected villain, Amy Dunne has a heart of stone. Centred in the thrilling plot of the popular novel Pike performance is a killer successful pulls off an epic plot twist.

Words: Georgia Knight
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