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14 Random Things I Learned At University

I learned a lot of things whilst being at University – but most of the things I learned had nothing to do with my course! Trust me when I say you will learn a lot of things about yourself and others at university. Here are just a few of the things I learned along the way.

Not everyone was raised with manners
Now I know this statement may come across as rude, but it’s been my experience that whilst at university some people either forget their manners back at home or simply weren’t raised with them. Please and thank-you can go a long way guys!

Going to ‘Chill’ with a guy is a no gotumblr_nqs0d7ztgm1r7v8dyo1_500
Ladies don’t fall victim to that lets chill stuff because 90% of the time that ‘chilling’ can lead to you doing things you will later regret. I’m sure we all know by now that Netflix and Chill is a danger zone!

You may not meet your husband
According to the One Day University Love League research poll 20% of British students in fact meet the loves of their life on campus. Now I don’t know the ins and outs of this research, but something tells me this study wasn’t conducted in a University in the midlands *sips tea*. Don’t get me wrong some people do meet their husbands at University, but just don’t get your hopes up….like I did!

Boys gossip just as much as girls
Now you boys are probably reading this thinking ‘Nah she got this one wrong’. Now I don’t have any statistics or anything like that, but some of you boys definitely gossip more than girls. If you told your friends something in privacy and a week later the whole campus knows, it doesn’t take a genius to work out someone is gossiping in your circle.

Student accommodation agencies will rip you off
Many students have had countless experiences where these estate agents have tried to con them out of their money. One time they even took money out of my account for my rent without me knowing and then had the cheek to make me come in and attempt to pay the rent for the second time!

Money is temporary
It’s like magic! You will check your account one day and be feeling like you just won the lotto then by the following week you will be going into overdraft AGAIN or calling mummy and daddy for a cheeky twenty quid! Be sure to budget every month or you could end up in a sticky situation.

Not everyone is hygienic
I remember stepping into party in first year and asking myself if shower gel and deodorant had now become extinct. I never understood how people cannot be hygienic and ensure that they wash and smell good before going out.

Living with your friends isn’t always ideal
I love my friends, but admittedly always being around your friends can lead to unnecessary arguments and bust ups that could potentially cost you your friendship.

You will outgrow some of your previous friendships
All good things come to an end, Fresh Prince, Harry Potter and sometimes even friendships. Sometimes you just outgrow your friends. It’s natural and sadly there is nothing you can do about it. Just except it and know that it’s okay to outgrow friends or lose interest in a friendship that serves you no purpose.

Common sense is not common
People will ask you a question that will have you like ‘OMG did you seriously just ask me that’. But, like I said, common sense isn’t that common. What might be common sense to you, is not so common for others.

You will get tired of partying eventually
I believe all university students hit that pre-grandma/grandad phase where they prefer staying indoors with a cuppa and a good film or TV series. I went through that phase half-way through second year, and by third year I was a complete grandma at the age of twenty one! I even switched my bodycon skirts and crop tops for dressing gowns and slippers.

The library is a social club
I remember walking into the library once and thinking is this a library or a youth club. I was baffled everyone was just talking, laughing and playing music ALOUD! Literally around the hours of 10pm to the early hours of the morning is when the social club is in full swing. Tip: If you want to avoid the distractions find a quiet little place in a corner and try and get to the library earlier.

People reinvent themselves to fit in
It has come to my attention that some people who attend university are proper actors. You got a lot of Angelina Jolie’s and Will Smith’s walking round campus guys. If you were awkward and weird in secondary school and college then why are you changing now? It’s crazy! Own your awkwardness and weirdness, people! If you have been told that you are a quiet person then don’t go around acting loud because you think that’s what you have to do to be noticed – it’s not cool. People can always tell when you’re putting on an act, so save yourself the embarrassment and just be yourself.

Lecturers just read from slides
How dare you make me get up for a 9am to sit there and watch you read off a Powerpoint slideshow, like seriously? Forget the £9000 for minute; I am wasting valuable beauty sleep to watch you do your impression of a reporter reading off a teleprompter!

There is so much more to university than getting a degree – especially for those who live on campus. You will be surprised at what you learn about yourself whilst being at University. The whole three or four year process is about self-development, developing and preparing yourself for the real world.

Words: Lateefah-Jean Baptiste 
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