Wanderlust- New York In The Fall- Debut Doll Lina Hagstrom

Today we have  #Debutdoll  Lina Hagstrom talking all things NYC with us.. You may have seen her in the first issue of Debut Magazine, and here’s her post for the website telling us about all things fall in the Big Apple!

Fall is, alongside spring, my absolutely favorite time to be in the city. The hot, heavy and humid summer air turns into a crisp cool autumn breeze and the leaves turn into the most beautiful shades of red and orange. But it is not only the air and the trees that change; everybody is back in business and the city is more alive than ever. Here are my favorites for a fall day in New York:

Take a Sunday stroll in one of the parks. Obviously Central Park is the park of the city and I dare to say that one can never get bored with walking around the enormous oasis of trees, lakes, and other beautiful plants. Whilst walking in Central Park one can encounter some more exotic animals than one would assume to encounter in a big city like NYC, listen to amazing street musicians, have lunch in one of the restaurants and walk around with a coffee on the go. There are, however, other wonderful parks as well that all deserve some recognition; Prospect Park in Park Slope, Brooklyn could be considered Brooklyn’s own version of Central Park and totally worth the subway ride. Another cool park, if one finds herself uptown, is Riverside Park where you can walk along the water on a sunny day.

Museums and art. There is nothing better than to go to a museum on a rainy fall day.  New York has museums for everybody and every interest and once one has seen The Met, The Guggenheim, and MoMa, one should explore further in the world of museums. My favorites include The Tenement Museum in the Lower East Side where one can see how immigrants lived in the early 1900s and hear the stories of families who actually lived in that precise building. Another favorite is The Museum of Moving Images in Astoria where one can explore the history of cinema with fun interactive activities. New York is also a great city for art lovers; visit the art galleries in Chelsea, Soho, and the Lower East Side for some serious art cravings. And, with good luck, you could find yourself at an exhibition opening with the artist present. I have found myself at openings a couple of times, and those are the best experiences when you get to talk to the artist behind the art.

Be inspired by the city. As much of a cliché as it is, the best way to experience New York is to get out on the streets and just start walking around. Be weirded out by the quirky shops that sell the most bizarre things like skeletons and fossils (because, why not?), be inspired by the people who walk the sidewalk as it was their own personal runway, look at the outfits, listen to the music on the subway and be amazed by street performances. The city is the best source of inspiration and everyone can create their own mental mood boards while walking around different neighborhoods.

Eat. New York is most definitely a food destination. There’s food from every corner of the world at any hour of the day. One could eat their way across town and always try something new and delicious. Brunches are the best way to start a weekend and late night dinners are perfect for any given night during the week.

New York is spectacular. Always. And it never fails to inspire. Although New York is always a good idea, if one had to choose a time to visit, I would highly recommend fall with its beautiful colors, sunny days and perfect temperature.

Words: Lina Hagstrom

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