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My Love Hate Relationship With Paris

Today we are welcoming #DebutDoll Batty Bathily from Paris! You’ve likely already read about Batty in our first issue (if not, make sure you go and pick up a copy now!) but today she’s talking all about her thoughts on the Parisian capital of France.

One of the reasons why I am a #DebutDoll is to share with you my experiences of being a fashion lover living in Paris.

Paris is a part of me and my dreams – and although I do have a special relationship with it, sometimes the sky is not so shiny.

To be honest, Paris has always been my home, so of course after all this time I’m familiar with the bad sides of the city as much as I am with the good.

I hate the rush of people – the bad traffic, the pollution, the public transport – and a lot more.

Although people tend to think Paris is the dream, I’ll always remember that it can’t always be perfect.

I have a love and hate relationship with Paris and that being said, there’s also a lot of reasons why I still love it. 

Paris is the city of love for so many reasons, and, for me, I met some of my amazing friends here. We’ve had unforgettable evenings and we always reunite in ‘our’ favorite parisian spot every time we lose each other.

jardin-des-tuileries-batty-wanderlust-parisWe can go to the Jardin du Luxembourg during summer with a bottle of Chardonnay and macaroons from La Durée, take an evening walk at the Marais and enjoy Paris by nightfall, or go to our favorite artist concert and have the time of our lives.

In Paris, you experience so many different things that you will remember for the rest of your life.

My love for fashion also grew in the streets of Paris. My passion for haute couture began here every time the fashion week came around, and this is also where I met some of my best friends.

This city truly inspires me everyday and brings me so much joy.

So it doesn’t matter what parts of Paris I dislike – all those little things don’t matter as the city has brought me so much that the little things that do annoy me just disappear.

I still love the city I’m living in – even with all it’s imperfections. No matter what, it will always have a special place in my heart.

Maybe it’s because Paris has become a part of me – who knows.

Words: Batty Bathily
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