Is Watching Reality TV Turning You Into A Twitter Bully?

With the return of Made in Chelsea on Monday, it’s hard to miss how big reality TV is, it takes over Twitter, Instagram and everyone seems to be talking about it. With shows like Made in Chelsea it’s easy to become wrapped up in what is happening in the characters lives, believing (as we naturally do), that everything we see on screen is real.

Remembering that the drama has been made up is something that people don’t seem to want to do as they love the scandal that takes place in the reality TV world that seems to have great importance. The stars of shows such as Geordie Shore, The Only Way Is Essex and Made in Chelsea also take part when watching their own shows, live tweeting reactions or even asking viewers to guess and take part in what is going to happen next. Creating a huge hype about their shows seems to be a part of the role and one way to do that is to start a Twitter feud online. This negative and almost bitchy attitude can be negative to take part in and people seem to get so wrapped up in it before even noticing.

A twitter feud online is something that can seem so harmless to participate in as viewers often get swept up to the “mob mentality” mindstate, especially when a real character from one of their favourite shows does something inexcusable. But, tweeting “Jamie is a prat, can’t believe he’d do that” isn’t helping anyone and really, lets face it, a twitter vent isn’t going to change anything.


The pressure that these actors are under to continue their characters into their real life must be immense as in a way, reality TV stars have become their own celebrities with many building careers from their shows. These are real people who aren’t always behaving in a real way due to the fact that their show is sometimes, “made up for your viewing pleasure”, because at the end of the day watching a group of mates sitting around and living their normal day to day lives wouldn’t be that interesting.

If you look at your timeline after a night of watching the latest episode of Made In Chelsea or anything else and know you wouldn’t say what you’ve said to someone’s face, it’s time to take a step back as the viewers, and remember that at the end of the day the show is exactly that, a show.

Words: Gabriella Tavani
Tweet Gabriella @GabbiTavani

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