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If we love anything more than a creative here at Debut – it’s a creative duo – and that’s exactly what designer Yanyu Chung and architectural designer Adrienne Lau are – design collective Point Blank.


Debut: Tell us a little bit about the SS17 collection?

POINT BLANK: The theme of this collection is, Californian poolside, and at the surface we wanted to make it very glamorous and very up beat but then there’s an underlying theme that we want to portray as well which is some sort of plastic quality of the garments. That’s why in the presentation you can hear very sad and intense music, but then the models are acting very chilled.

Debut: Tell us about the set design?

POINT BLANK: Well we started planning around two and a half months ago because we were fiddling with different concepts. I’m mainly focusing on the set design and the scenography, and later we plan to use material we get from the show and use it towards films.

Debut: How important is set design in a fashion show?

POINT BLANK: I wouldn’t say it takes over fashion because fashion is always about the clothing, but I think putting the clothing in the right context is very important, because the atmosphere and the mood of the space really affects they way you perceive something, whether it’s clothing or a person or food.

Debut: What inspires you creatively?

POINT BLANK: I get inspired by a lot of films, like spaces and movement, characters and conversations.

Debut: Tell us about your personal journey to London Fashion week?

POINT BLANK: Well it’s a long story because not many architects would do fashion. So five years ago I did an internship, and they did a lot of catwalks for Prada. So while I was an intern there, I was just learning and absorbing a lot and it really opened my eyes to many different things other than buildings… like exhibitions, catwalks and event planning. There are many things an architect can do, and that got me really interested in doing spaces for fashion, because compared to architecture, it’s a much shorter timescale. We role out things twice each year, whereas a building takes five years to make, so to me it’s much more exciting,

Debut: Where do you see POINT BLANK in the distant future?

POINT BLANK: I want to build POINT BLANK and make it into something more of a concept brand, so of course fashion is a starting point but I’d find it interesting if we could branch out to different things like fashion, products, and different things.

What advice would you give our readers that want to pursue a career in set design?

POINT BLANK: I would say just start somewhere, because for me, I never regret doing architecture. The fact that I’m doing set design doesn’t mean that I hate architecture. It’s just nice to have a balance, to have two ends of a spectrum when making spaces. I think you might find out you prefer one to the other. Just start somewhere.


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