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Didn’t Get The Grades You Hoped For? What Happens Next?..

crying-faceSo today is results day – a day that you’ve been dreading with nervous anticipation.

Anxiety over what’s encased within the envelope is a given, considering that A – Level results are fraught with heavy expectations and are usually the determining factor into which path you will take into adult life.

But what do you do if your “top-class” predicted grades remain a prediction?

If you happen to fall into this category feeling disappointed will probably sound like a massive understatement to you right know. With friends and class mates acting exuberantly happy over their grades and celebrating their success in front of you – you can feel downright awful and feel like a failure. But the truth is you’re not. Yes, the grades didn’t quite match up to what you were expecting but that doesn’t mean that life ends here. In fact, there are many options available to you that may even end up pushing you to a better path.

The most important thing to remember now is not to panic and consider what is best for you when taking the next step.


Everyone deserves a second chance as they say and sitting the year again and re-taking is an option that may be available to you. This option may be great fro you if you want to avoid going through clearing or have your mind set on going to a particular university that demands higher grades. The great thing about taking resits is that you already have that foundation and its about you pushing yourself hard to build on that and excel when it comes to sitting your exams again. If your interested in resits, act now and contact your teacher and get more information.



You may still have your heart set on a particular university – which is understandable given the amount of effort and energy it takes to find the right one. In this case you can try contacting your top choice and see if they will accept you. Whilst there is a chance they may reject your offer, they may suggest alternative courses to you, so be open minded and contact them as soon as you can.



Clearing is probably the most popular option that students will take when it comes not getting the right grades for your top choices. As many students will formally accept offers on their first choices and reject their place at their second option, places will start to become available. It’s a good time to get some support with friends or parents to help choose alternative universities or courses that you may have not previously considered. Once you have a selection get in contact with them and start enquiring about places. Remember that many people will be doing the same thing so there’s no time to waste with this and if you don’t get in through clearing there are still other options to pick from so don’t panic.



For a lot of career options, you do not need a formal qualification from university whether its in design or law or education you may be able to go through the route of alternative courses. Start looking into Higher National Diploma courses, apprenticeship schemes or sponsored degrees.



If the thought of it all is too much to bear and your undecided about what feels right to you you can always take a gap year to reflect on what you want and how you want to get there. Whether this means flying off to South America or finding an internship – sometimes having the time to think is all you need and the best part is you can really gain a lot of life and work experience.


Finally, the most important thing to do is celebrate your achievement today. Although things haven’ turned out the way you might have planned. You have to acknowledge that you’ve worked hard and tried your best. There will always be setbacks and not everything will go to plan but that doesn’t mean it will deter you from achieving your ultimate goal.

In the words of Richard Branson…

If You Have The Desire To Succeed, A Paper With AB or C On It Makes No Difference.




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