Women In Film: Ghostbusters Reboot

Directed by: Paul Feig

Cast: Kristen Wig, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Neil Casey and Chris Hemsworth

We just couldn’t resist going to see the new Ghostbusters – not only because of this amazing breakthrough for female actresses – but because, deep down, we have a bit of a nerdy side too. (Shh!) So, as soon as it was released, we headed straight to the cinema and showed our support for this revolutionary female-led action film.


What can I say? The cast are hilarious. I got the impression they all had a really good time filming this. Nobody seemed out of place.

I’ve always been a fan of Melissa McCarthy anyway (Bridesmaids is one of my favourite films!) but some of the cast were new to me. I’d never heard of Leslie Jones before, who I felt really came into her own and was soooo funny. I have since learnt that, unfortunately, she was forced to contemplate quitting Twitter after receiving a barrage of racial abuse. Show her some love on social media people, she’s brilliant in this. The all-female cast more than held their own in an otherwise male-dominated industry. It was certainly a refreshing change.


A nice little touch were all the cameo appearances from familiar faces that real fans would have recognised from the original film 😉 If you’re a true Ghostbusters fan you’ll find yourself saying ‘Look! It’s him!’…a lot.

Pace/Plot/Storyline/Special Effects

Despite normally looking at my watch halfway through most films, this time I never felt bored at all. The plot was pretty straightforward, but it was the characters that made it (Ghosts and all!). The screen was either full of amazing special effects to keep you on your toes (warning: I would be a little reluctant to take young kids, some of the ‘ghosts’ are quite scary) or I’d find myself laughing (sometimes a little too loudly) at the quick witted jokes of the cast, seamlessly developing the story.ghostbusters-at-my-ny

I will be honest, this isn’t normally my type of movie nowadays, but I found myself laughing rather loudly and came out with a wide smile on my face. It’s the type of film where you sit back, enjoy the ride and escape from life. It’s official, girls can do action after all!

Do I recommend? Absolutely!

Let’s get behind the women in the film industry too, girls!

Words: Vicky Jones

Tweet Vicky @VickyJones7





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