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Mallorca Loving: Travel Guide

Desperate for a last minute summer holiday but just have no idea where to go? Well our very own #DebutGirl Rebecca Sweeney tells about her wanderlust travel and annual relaxation trip to the Spanish Island…

Faced with a day to day routine that includes studying, working, volunteering and generally trying to chase a dream, it’s safe to say that finding time to relax can be an impossible task. Over the last few years, I have found the best way (and often, only way) to truly unwind is to take a vacation and I have visited many popular holiday destinations looking for the simplest of things; sun, sand and a chance to unwind.

I was apprehensive at the thought of a week in a supposed ‘party’ island but eventually settled on Mallorca for my retreat. Ultimately, what I discovered was not grungy clubs, drunken teenagers and endless take-aways like I was half-expecting but a chance to sample local culture, excellent food and the most interesting use of sand I’ve ever come across. (It is worth noting I went to the north of the island; party central can still be found in the likes of Magaluf and Palma.)

Ca’n Picafort, a northern town, combines two of the best relaxation methods there is; a long white sandy beach with clear blue waters and a lovely and friendly man walking around all day long offering 40 minute massages for 20 euros. Does it get any better than that? Similarly, all day and night there are people known as ‘sand artists’ sculpting incredible landscapes, animals and more out of sand showcases an immense talent that you simply cannot see at home. Maybe the least stereotypical form of art, but trust me, it really was art in its most original form. Once a small fishing village, you can also bask in some of the town’s history by heading to the port where all that remains of the original village can be seen including sculptures and abandoned caves that still overlook the sea. The beauty here is unreal.

Another note to make on Mallorca is how friendly all of the residents are, and the other tourists too. As a young woman, there are few of your typical holiday destinations that I would consider going alone but Mallorca is one of them. On the contrary to other countries such as Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt where I have felt incredibly uncomfortable, particularly if I were alone, Mallorca was refreshingly laid back. I did not worry about what I wore, about people staring or being my myself at any point. I was treated as an equal and made to feel incredibly at ease, which can often not be the case when women are seen to be sitting, walking or holidaying in female company alone.

Mallorca was everything I desired; a trip that enabled me to unwind and enjoy a little bit of me time whilst also being able to sample the Spanish lifestyle and discover a little of its history. After all, who wants to visit an island and see nothing but the inside of a hotel? And for women travelling alone or in all-female groups, the Balearic Island is the ideal holiday destination.

Words: Rebecca Sweeney

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