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Work Your Wanderlust NYC: Leaving The Big Apple

New York is not only a city. It’s a world filled with several other little worlds that make the city so versatile and vibrant. And, most New Yorkers would agree that it is indeed the energy that made them fall head over heels in love with the city. In addition, of course, to the opportunities, the eccentricities, and the world famous NYC vibe. People fight their way to get to New York, and upon arrival, the fight to stay there begins.Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

New York offers you anything and everything a city possibly could offer; you can eat the best Italian, drink French champagnes, sing Korean karaoke, and treat yourself with Scandinavian sweets. You can also listen to the best jazz, see any kind of art that tickles your fancy, and meet people from every corner of the world who speak a different language and practice another religion than you. The most beautiful part is that all the aforementioned characteristics are what make New York a world of its own rather than a city.

So, why on earth would one ever want to leave a place that divine once one has worked so hard to get there? There are surely those who never leave the big apple, although I dare to suggest that leaving does nothing but good for every little New York soul strolling up and down Fifth Avenue.

It is always good to throw oneself outside one’s comfort zone, and preferably as far away as possible. Whether one goes home to see family, to a beach where there is absolutely nothing to do but to lie under a palm tree, or if one longs for excitement and adventures, one comes back with new experiences, new points of views, and with more energy than ever. It is beyond refreshing to be totally anonymous, to get lost on unknown streets, to see everything for a first time, to meet new friends, to dance on dance floors where one has never danced before, and to kiss handsome strangers only to say good night at dawn.

One should leave New York because the eye has to travel, the mind should rest and the soul needs to wander around aimlessly every now and then. But above all, one should leave the city because nothing beats the feeling of returning home to New York. And every New Yorker deserves to experience that feeling at least once.

Words: Lina Hagstrom

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